Featured Projects

Media Mobilizing Project is proud to announce Voices From Our Public Schools, a website dedicated to sharing the many stories we are hearing from communities dedicated to strengthening our schools in spite of limited resources.
Local communities are striving to transform their public schools in the wake of last year’s devastating school closings and continued underfunding. "Revival from the Roots” is produced by the Media Mobilizing Project to show the powerful local leadership at work everyday in our schools.
Josie Acevedo admits that a feeling of intimidation—and even a bit of fear—has held her back from advancing her computer skills. “You get scared of what button to press,” Josie says. Thankfully, she’s not scared anymore.
Media Mobilizing Project traveled the country alongside broadcaster Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornel West on a Poverty Tour of the US. The fruits of this outing, a five-part documentary about American poverty, premiered on PBS in October 2011.

The Media Mobilizing Project and the Pennsylvania Head Start Association partnered to create one of the best Head Start advocacy videos ever produced.  With the help of NHSA a copy of this video was sent to every member of Congress at a critical pe