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Media Mobilizing Project TV is proud to announce The Spark: Stories that Change Our Times. The Spark brings you stories of everyday people who are leading the way to winning our human rights. Tune in now for a sneak peak at what to expect from the next six episodes, premiering May 6th!
Four of the candidates in the race for Governor of Pennsylvania stated their positions on key issues such as healthcare, education, immigration and incarceration. If you didn’t catch the longer two-hour discussion here is a look back question by question.

The deadline for signing up for the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, is coming up on March 31st.

Parents, education and community leaders, taxicab workers and the disability rights community gathered at the monthly December Philadelphia Parking Authority board meeting to re-iterate their call that a pending $60+ million Philadelphia Parking Authority windfall must go to help Phi

After 6 years, AFSCME District Council 33 has settled their contract with the Philadelphia Parking Authority.  We talked with Pete Matthews, President of AFSCME DC 33, about what this victory will mean for Parking Authority workers. 

UPDATE: Video from the forum now online in full (starts at 18 minutes). Saturday Nov. 23rd, from 4-6pm, candidates in the 2014 Pennsylvania Governors race will speak at a community forum on issues affecting working families.

On October 11th, teachers, students and parents gathered before school at Sayre High School to demand full funding for public schools.

This video is a message to everyone who cares about the future of public schools. Watch how local communities are responding to a year of unprecedented attacks, including the closing of 24 schools, layoffs of hundreds of teachers and counselors, and the elimination of school libraries, art, music, and sports programs. And find out what you can do about it.

Teachers, students and parents gathered outside Locke Elementary School in West Philadelphia at the start of the school day on October 4th to demand full funding for public schools. This event is part of an ongoing series of community protests of education budget cuts happening every Friday at schools across Philadelphia.
On the 50th anniversary of MLK's March on Washington, residents of the Point Breeze section of South Philadelphia gathered to remember his legacy and stand up for justice. Long term residents as well as newer residents spoke about their vision for development that takes the entire community's needs into account.

Throughout our struggle to tell untold stories and put an end to poverty, we are always looking to learn from the past.

Philly’s public education system is under attack. Last spring the city closed down 23 schools and began massive layoffs.

Watch this video story about the teachers and staff at ASPIRA charter schools, in Philadelphia, who are organizing to improve the quality of education and conditions for themselves and their students.

In this episode of MMPTV, Special Education Teacher Nicole Son-Culbreth tells us about how Teacher Action Group (TAG) is fighting for public education in Philadelphia.

Parents and school workers are entering the second day of a fast for safe schools. Watch and see why they have taken this step to demand the city and state make safety in Philadelphia schools a priority.

Thousands of students walked out of class Friday May 17th to say no to drastic budget cuts that will eliminate extracurriculars, nurses, support staff and other programs in schools. They marched from the Phila. School District Headquarters at 440 N.

Update: Beeber Middle School was taken off of the District's closure list Tuesday, two days before the SRC's scheduled vote on the school. The SRC will continue with a vote on the closure of Stanton Elementary Thursday at 6pm.
In September of 2012 the Chicago Teachers Union led a successful seven day strike that garnered widespread public support and a new vision of quality public education for all students. Watch for perspectives and lessons from the Chicago Teachers Union and CORE during their visit to Philadelphia.

In this episode Naroen Chhin and Sokhom Touch of the One Love Movement make the connections between the deportation crisis affecting their community and the crisis of poverty that affects so many others.

Therese Garvin and Lisa Hogan, both wives of Philadelphia firefighters, experience the effects of cutbacks to Fire Department services firsthand, from station closures, to rolling brownouts, to the shrinking of the firefighter workforce.

Having a drivers license is essential for getting to work, picking up kids from school, and living a dignified life. But thousands of PA families have been struggling to live without basic mobility after the state cancelled their licenses.

In this election-week edition of MMPTV, host Alex Wiles interviews Philadelphia labor legend Jim Moran to learn about organized labor's role in national politics and what can be learned from efforts to form a national Labor Party in the mid 1990s.

Last week, the Media Mobilizing Project and Put People First PA were proud to host the Philadelphia premier screening of Dear Mandela, a film that documents the rise of South Africa's largest post-apartheid social movement, Abahlali baseMjondolo.  

In this week's MMPTV Update, host Alex Wiles meets with Ron Blount, president of the local Unified Taxi Workers Alliance, to explore how the city's fleet of taxi cab drivers has fought for improved working conditions by forming a union.

In this week’s MMPTV update, we take a look at how members of Pennsylvania’s undocumented youth community are stepping out of the shadows--Undocumented, Unafraid and Unapologetic--in a fight against unjust detentions and deportations in our communities.

In this week’s MMPTV update, you’ll find out how the Media Mobilizing Project is helping provide free Internet access to the 41 percent of Philadelphians who don’t own a computer or have a web service provider.

With Philadelphia's unemployment rate hovering above 10 percent more than four years after the start of the financial crisis, this week MMPTV host Alex Wiles sits down with representatives of the Philadelphia Unemployment Project (PUP), a group that has been fighting for workers rights

Meet Eileen Duffey, a Philadelphia public school nurse, an organizer, and a hero to many.  In this MMPTV update, we hear about the vital work of our school nurses, and all the ways they support our children, families and communities.  We also learn about the serious impacts of last yea

In this update, MMPTV takes you to a recent immigrants rights rally in the days after the Supreme Court's partial overturning of Arizona's anti-immigrant SB1070 legislation in June.

Today MMPTV takes you on the scene to a powerful demonstration in support of immigrants rights led by the Dream Activists of Pennsylvania outside the Montgomery County Correctional Facility.

In this MMPTV Update, we will be talking about the powerful grassroots effort to pass the Earned Sick Days bill in Philadelphia.  This bill would require all businesses with more than 5 employees to allow their workers up to 7 paid sick days.

This MMPTV update features an informative discussion with Stan Shapiro, who spent 22 years as Chief Staff Attorney for Philadelphia City Council and currently co-chairs Neighborhood Networks.  Stan talked with us about the new city and state budgets and how working families and communit

This MMPTV update includes powerful stories from people who would be impacted by Governor Corbett's proposal to eliminate the statewide General Assistance Program and to cut the General Assistance related health care.

In this MMPTV update we discuss the recent demonstration led by the Dream Activists of Pennsylvania.  The protest focused on the release of Miguel Orellana, a 25-year old Dream Act eligible student who has been held in York County Prison for over 7 months.

Over 2,700 school bus drivers, mechanics, custodians, and other blue-collar workers – have recently received layoff notices, effective either sometime next fall or December 31, 2012. This is the entire membership of SEIU 32BJ Local 1201.

37 families at the Riverdale Mobile Home Park in Jersey Shore, PA may lose their homes to make way for a water extraction plant that will supply natural gas drilling operations.

Students from across Pennsylvania rallied demanding Equity in Education.  This action was organized by Philadelphia Student Union, Project Peace, A+ Schools' TeenBloc & Juntos.  Over the course of the last year, Governor Tom Corbett has cut public education in Pennsylvania by more t

Will you join students & parents from across Pennsylvania to demand that Governor Corbett make equitable school funding a top priority in the next budget?

Go to to reserve your seat on the bus.

On Thursday, October 20th, 2011 members of the Unified Taxi Workers Alliance of PA and the the New York Taxi Workers Alliance gathered in Washington, D.C.

“I entered the United States as an infant, made my mistakes as a juvenile and was punished for those mistakes as a young adult. And as I now embrace life as a reformed, working civilian and father, the actions of my past still haunt me with what my fate might be.”

Join striking student guest workers to demand that Hershey, who they pack chocolates for, agrees to stop exploiting student guest workers and undermining the well being of Central Pennsylvanians. 

In this episode, MMPTV is joined by special guests from the Philly Student Union and Campaign for Nonviolent Schools, as well as a live audience, representing parents, students, educators and other Philadelphia School District workers.

National Nurses United and their allies rallied today at the New York Stock Exchange. During the rally they demand a tax on Wall Street transactions. This tax they declare will ensure that "the yo-yos that buy and sell this country pay their fare share" to heal America. 

Hundreds of teachers and workers rallied at the School District headquarters on Monday to protest massive layoffs and testify at the meeting of the School Reform Commission.

In the summer of 2010 the City of Philadelphia began a "rolling brownout" measure, in which local fire stations close for determined periods of time.

    Today, in a fight to resist Governor Corbett's proposed cutbacks to Pennsylvania's public education budget, a large crowd rallied in Harrisburg, PA on the steps of the state capitol building.  In the midst of these cutbacks there are also plans to increase funding to state prisons,

Watch this MMPTV video from the We Are One rally at Temple University on April 4, 2011.  The event was held to protest Governor Corbett's March 8th budget proposal, which aims to cut education funding and increase spending towards prisons.

In the recent state budget proposal, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett proposed a cut in the education system of around $550 million (that's right, million).

The crowd began forming at Juniper and Filbert streets around 3:30 pm as set-up was still underway.  As school let out, high school students from over 25 schools across the city began making their way downtown.  Each new group made the size of the gathering swell until the crowd spilled

The Campaign For Non-Violent Schools is a coalition of youth led organizations working to end all forms of violence in Philadelphia schools.  The coalition is calling on all of Philadelphia to stand against the massive cuts to education announced by the Governor last week.

MMPTV tells the untold stories of those uniting across struggles to build a movement to end poverty.

At the end of 2010, Asian Americans United (AAU) held a community wide event to celebrate 25 years of achievement in their fight for social equality.

Firefighters in Pennsylvania have been waiting for justice when it comes to the serious health risks they take everyday in order to save lives. The Cancer Presumption Act would've given them just that.

On Martin Luther King Day, Monday January 17th, join us to honor MLK and all the families that make up our city and our movement.

MMPTV tells the untold stories, news and analysis of poor and working people uniting across color lines to build a movement to end poverty.  In this episode, we look back at the fall of 2010. Despite these hard times, more and more of us are organizing.

Electric rate caps are coming off this January across the state of Pennsylvania and PECO is increasing rates here in Philadelphia by 5%. There has been very little media coverage of the reasons for and possible effects of the removal of rate caps.

On November 9th, 2010 more than 200 youth from over 40 public high schools in Philadelphia participated in a summit hosted by the Philadelphia Student Union. They gathered to build power around a campaign to end all forms of violence in schools.

S'bu Zikode, president of Abahlali baseMjondolo, the South African Shackdwellers' movement, visited Philadelphia as part of his recent nationwide tour.

Many in the Cambodian-American community are facing a holiday season without their brothers, sons, friends and fathers.

On Tuesday, November 9th, the Campaign for Nonviolent Schools hosted the Youth Power Summit. Over 200 students from 45 schools came together for a day of youth led workshops and dialogues.

On October 4th of this year, the City of Philadelphia released a memorandum aimed at stripping Fire Service Paramedics of their union representation under Local 22.

MMPTV tells the untold stories, news and analysis of poor and working people uniting across color lines to build a movement to end poverty.  In this episode, we look back at this past summer of 2010, which has not been an easy one.   Many of us have been in an economic crisis all of our

This summer members of Labor Justice Radio, MMPTV and Philadelphia Student Union's On Blast Radio took a trip to the small town of Dimock, PA, a place that some are calling the "ground zero" of natural gas drilling.

On Thursday, September 23 from 12:00pm - 2:00pm we will be fighting back on Sugarhouse Casino's opening day.   We will be meeting at Penn Treaty Park1301 N. Beach Street Philadelphia, PA.

After a tragic fire near 55th and Sansom took the life of a 12-year old named Frank Morasco,  neighbors and firefighters gathered for a vigil in front of his home to offer support to his family.

On August 12th, 2010 friends, family, neighbors and many others gathered to protest the detention and deportation of Hov Ly Kol, an active and valuable member of Philadelphia's Cambodian-American community.

As casualties of the Afghanistan war continue to rise, social services for vets here in America are on the decline.  Though their stories often go untold, our vets are becoming casualties here at home...medically, socially and economically.

The Unified Taxi Workers Alliance organized a prayer vigil on Wednesday, July 7th to support the drivers and families who were victimized in a recent raid by the Philadelphia Parking Authority and Immigration Customs Enforcement Authorities.

The videos collected here are a part of building community driven journalism, so that the various groups in Philadelphia working for social change can promote and spread consciousness about their struggle and eventually develop better living conditions here in the city and beyond. 

By Jay Members, Reporter for MMPTV

Monica Roberts, member of SEIU 32BJ and MMPTV, produced this video to highlight the solidarity of 32BJ members in the NYC residential workers' fight for a fair contract.  The residential workers, who work in NYC high rise apartment buildings, recently held a march where they were joined

Leading up to the recent strike at Temple University Hospital, Carolyn Humphries, a GI technician at the hospital and member of PASNAP, studied video-making and citizen journalism.  She wanted to tell the powerful stories and experiences of she and her coworkers as they sto

Video by Gustavo Martinez

The Temple nurses strike has now entered it's fourth week and on Wednesday community leaders from the NAACP, Temple Student Labor Action Project and Pennsylvania Federation of Teachers, among others, came out to support the striking nurses. Temple Watch reports that formal negotiations are to begin between the union and hospital on Saturday April 24, and on the same day there are plans for a massive rally at the Constitution Center at 4:30PM. 

On, Tuesday April 20th around 2pm, Philadelphia Student Union conducted a 3-minute action. In only 180 seconds, we showed the power and leadership that young people have when we are organized for non-violence.

On Wednesday evening, caregivers at Broomall Presbyterian Village, a nursing home in Broomall, Pennsylvania, voted to form a union with SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania, which represents over 22,000 health care workers statewide.  These workers celebrated their first moments as proud union

The mining accident in the coal region of West Virginia is a tragedy. The loss of 25 lives in what amounted to the worst explosion in a mine in the past 25 years, along with the death of four miners who were found this past weekend, is inexcusable.

We, the Temple workers are standing strong in our efforts to show temple that we are to be respected and valued for what we do everyday. It is a tough battle but still one definately worth fighting.

With less than a week before the March 31st strike deadline, nurses and healthcare professionals held a rally outside of Temple University Hospital to demand a contract that will not strip away their human rights or diminish their ability to provide quality care to patients.  

Video by: Carolyn Humphries 

Temple University Hospital's 1,500 nurses and professional and technical employees will hold a final rally before going on strike to demand a fair and just contract that will uphold their rights to advocate for patients.  

Because the federal health reform bill signed into law today (Tuesday, March 23)  fails to make health care truly universal and equitable, human right to health care advocates across the country are pushing their state legislatures to implement more effective and comprehensive measures

On February 2nd, immigrant rights groups, workers and people of faith gathered in South Philadelphia to urge Congressman Robert Brady to support comprehensive and fair immigration reform. He heard their call and now it is time to take the fight to D.C.

This Friday join the Unified Taxi Workers Alliance & Liberty Resources for a public hearing in City Hall on a bill that would grant workers compensation to taxi drivers and create wheelchair accessible taxis.

On Feb. 16, fourteen of your neighbors go on trial for a casino-free Philly. 

Healthcare workers at Pottstown Memorial Medical Center have been  trying for months to bargain a contract.