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Today, Media Mobilizing Project, announces part 5 in the Revival from the Roots Series.  The series follows myriad Philadelphia School District students, parents and caregivers, staff, and teachers, along with Helen Gym, Co-Founder of Parents United for Public Educati

Today, Councilman Bobby Henon introduced, and City Council passed, a resolution authorizing the committees on Public Property and Public Works, and on Technology and Information Services, to hold hearings on a once-in-a-generation negotiation with the Comcast Corporation.

Media Mobilizing Project presents a preview of part 5 in the Revival from the Roots Series, which follows Helen Gym, Co-Founder of Parents United for Public Education, and Jerry Jordan, President of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, as they tour Philadelphia’s Neighborhood Schoo


Thousands of Philadelphians took to the street on MLK day to march for jobs, justice and education. Organized by a broad coalition of over two dozen community, faith and labor organizations, the march was part of the growing Black Lives Matter movement, connecting the dots between police brutality, poverty, and cuts to public education.

General Gordon Baker passed away on May 18 of this year, but his vision, strength, humility, and legacy will be with us and the world we aim to build for a long time. General Baker, or Gen as he was called, was born in Detroit in 1941 and he was a factory worker. He did back breaking work to build cars in the sprawling auto factories of Detroit, during the boom and bust of that industry in the 1960s and 70s into the 80s. But Gen was more than a factory worker, he was a leader and a visionary.
On November 11th, President Barack Obama released a powerful, unambiguous statement in support of reclassifying the internet as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act. He also noted that mobile internet – on phone and tablet, as well as computer – should be protected under Title II.

Even as Philadelphia school year began amidst ongoing deficit concerns, school closures, and employee layoffs, few could have predicted that the School District of Philadelphia would take an even bigger hit. That hit came in the form of a sudden action from the School Reform Commission.

The People's Climate March brought Philadelphians from our city's many movements together under the banner of climate and economic justice. Hear the stories collected by MMP media organizing Zein Nakhoda alongside Alexa Ross, both of the Maypop Collective for Climate and Economic Justice.