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On September 15th, the last day that the Federal Communications Commission accepted public comments on Net Neutrality. The CAP Comcast campaign and Media Mobilizing Project, in collaboration with Free Press, held a rally against Comcast’s dominance over our right to communicate. Check here for a gallery of photos from the event.

UPDATED: Now with video. Philadelphia fast food workers have pledged to do what it takes to win “$15 and a union.” Over 50 workers have pledged their willingness to escalate action on Thursday, September 4th. They will be joined by fast food workers in over 150 cities. Hear the stories of why and find out how you can join them.

For 5 years, the nurses in Wilkes-Barre, along with union healthcare workers across the country, have pushed back on CHS under the banner of "Patients Before Profits." During their third strike, we asked what kept them fighting.
The Fight For Drivers Licenses is seeking support for HB1648, which would allow all Pennsylvanians a right to a drivers license, regardless of immigration status. For so many, a drivers license is crucial for being able to secure other fundamental rights, such as the right to work and to education.
In April, Media Mobilizing Project launched the CAP Comcast Campaign -- focused on helping everyday Philadelphians secure what we need from Comcast and the City while they negotiate their next franchise, allowing Comcast to sell cable services in

Parents, students and teachers protested outside the Comcast Center in downtown Philadelphia while PA Governor Tom Corbett and NJ Governor Chris Christie held a private fundraiser. Six people were arrested, claiming they wouldn't move until Corbett agreed to fully fund education.

Large telecommunications companies like Comcast make millions in profits with little incentive to respond to the public interest. Telecommunications law professor Susan Crawford says decades of increased monopoly power and deregulation are to blame, bringing us into a new "Gilded Age".

We struggle to pay for cable and internet. But Comcast makes millions in Philadelphia.