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An interview with Irma Cruz, organizer at the Border Network for Human Rights in El Paso, Texas. Irma tells us the achievements and challenges of this organization in their struggle to fight for human rights.

This piece looks at the impacts of 'Secure Communities' legislation, which grants police officers many of the same powers as Immigrations & Customs Enforcement officials.

In this interview Javier Garcia Hernandez from PHILAPOSH explains his job to protect the rights and safety of the workers in the Greater Philadelphia region. PHILAPOSH is an organization that works to prevent accidents at job sites.

Patricia tells us how the cancelation of her driver's license has affected her, and why she decided along with other people to fight for their rights. Patricia is one of many people that is struggling to make ends meet and support her family.

At the Nebinger School in south Philadelphia students re-enacted in a play the battle of 5 de Mayo, 1862, that took place in Puebla.
Casa Monarca's co-founder, Dalia O'Gorman, assembled the play and Mexican folk dances.

Photo; Miguel Ruiz/Edgar Ramirez

Millions of people are victims of persecution, discrimination and intolerance from the government because they do not have a document to show that they have a legal status. So we ask ourselves...