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Parents, students and teachers protested outside the Comcast Center in downtown Philadelphia while PA Governor Tom Corbett and NJ Governor Chris Christie held a private fundraiser. Six people were arrested, claiming they wouldn't move until Corbett agreed to fully fund education.

I propose that the real solution to addressing poverty - and challenging a system that creates extreme economic inequality in the first place - must come from within the ranks of poor and working people themselves. I am not the first to make this claim: There were two moments in U.S. history when we placed faith and hope in the power of poor and working people.
Media Mobilizing Project TV is proud to announce The Spark: Stories that Change Our Times. The Spark brings you stories of everyday people who are leading the way to winning our human rights. Tune in now for a sneak peak at what to expect from the next six episodes, premiering May 6th!
Luis Muñoz Marín is the last remaining public schools in it's North Philadelphia neighborhood. Neighboring schools have either closed entirely or have been turned over to ASPIRA Charter Schools.
Steel Elementary School is the last remaining public school in Nicetown. Neighboring schools have either closed entirely or have been turned over to Mastery Charter Schools, a charter management operator. Now, parents have one month before they vote on whether their school remains a traditional neighborhood public school or whether it would be turned over to Mastery Charter.
Four years ago, my school, Science Leadership Academy, started a partnership with Strath Haven High School, a public suburban school. The partnership aims for a group of 15 students from each school to come together to compare the two schools and discuss issues important to them.
"The Fight Against ICE Holds" originally published by the Monthly Review investigates the context surrounding the Philadelphia Family Unity Network (PFUN)’s fight to end Police-ICE collaboration.
Black and minority owned media is disappearing. This shifting landscape in media ownership is a direct result of nearly two decades of media consolidation, which is not slowing down in light of Comcast Corporation's plans to merge with Time Warner Cable. To find out what you can do about it, listen to this radio interview on The Nick Taliaferro Show, 900AM-WURD.