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News & Analysis 04/09/2014
Four years ago, my school, Science Leadership Academy, started a partnership with Strath Haven High School, a public suburban school. The partnership aims for a group of 15 students from each school to come together to compare the two schools and discuss issues important to them.
News & Analysis 04/04/2014
"The Fight Against ICE Holds" originally published by the Monthly Review investigates the context surrounding the Philadelphia Family Unity Network (PFUN)’s fight to end Police-ICE collaboration.
News & Analysis 04/03/2014
Black and minority owned media is disappearing. This shifting landscape in media ownership is a direct result of nearly two decades of media consolidation, which is not slowing down in light of Comcast Corporation's plans to merge with Time Warner Cable. To find out what you can do about it, listen to this radio interview on The Nick Taliaferro Show, 900AM-WURD.
MMPTV 03/30/2014
Four of the candidates in the race for Governor of Pennsylvania stated their positions on key issues such as healthcare, education, immigration and incarceration. If you didn’t catch the longer two-hour discussion here is a look back question by question.
MMPTV 03/28/2014

The deadline for signing up for the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, is coming up on March 31st.

News & Analysis 03/20/2014
On March 6th, I went to Beyond the Headlines: A Community Forum on Public Education as a part of the MMP Media Fellows Education Team. The event was hosted by Bread and Roses Community Fund and co-sponsored by Student Labor Action Project (SLAP) at University of Pennsylvania.
News & Analysis 03/08/2014

On this beautiful Saturday afternoon in March, workers, organizers, and activists are holding their first public action in Philadelphia demanding that city officials raise the city’s minimum wage from $7.25/ hr. to $15/ hr.

News & Analysis 02/19/2014
Students from across Philadelphia came together on Saturday, February 1st, at Edison High School to educate each other on the effects of inadequate funding for public education and to organize and build strategy for responding to budget cuts and dismantling the school-to-pr