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The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) today awarded MMP in the IAFF's 2012 Media Awards for Best Youtube Video. The award recognizes the short documentary on the City policy of closing fire companies on a rolling basis known as brownouts.

Meet Eileen Duffey, a Philadelphia public school nurse, an organizer, and a hero to many.  In this MMPTV update, we hear about the vital work of our school nurses, and all the ways they support our children, families and communities.  We also learn about the serious impacts of last yea

In the summer of 2010 the City of Philadelphia began a "rolling brownout" measure, in which local fire stations close for determined periods of time.

The School District of Philadelphia has “an estimated 70,000 empty seats in more than 280 structures.”*  Combined with a budget gap of more than $490 million, it looks like the district is gearing up to close several schools next year.

Renaissance 2010 was Chicago’s school turn around model, just as Imagine 2014 is ours here in Philadelphia. These processes are what our districts think are going to help us. But, will they really help? Will our voices be heard?  Will our thoughts be implemented into the system?

The Philadelphia Student Union released a statment today stating their opposition to Senate Bill 1, also known as vouchers.  They stated various reasons from vouchers being about handing taxpayer money over to private enterprise and not about equity for students to the fact that they wi

Watch this MMPTV video from the We Are One rally at Temple University on April 4, 2011.  The event was held to protest Governor Corbett's March 8th budget proposal, which aims to cut education funding and increase spending towards prisons.

The crowd began forming at Juniper and Filbert streets around 3:30 pm as set-up was still underway.  As school let out, high school students from over 25 schools across the city began making their way downtown.  Each new group made the size of the gathering swell until the crowd spilled

The Campaign For Non-Violent Schools is a coalition of youth led organizations working to end all forms of violence in Philadelphia schools.  The coalition is calling on all of Philadelphia to stand against the massive cuts to education announced by the Governor last week.

Last Friday’s demonstration, which brought over 500 people to District headquarters on the heels of student walkouts at three city high schools and an outpouring of community opposition at an Audenreid community meeting, signals the emergence of a new level of opposition...

Torrential rains and heavy winds could not stop an estimated 3,000 people from demonstrating in Trenton Friday in support of Wisconsin’s state workers. Crowds gathered at the New Jersey State House in Trenton to voice their support for the besieged public workers of Wisconsin...

Yesterday two children from the Olney section of Philadelphia were killed when their home caught fire. Four others were injured.

This video shows 15,000 Wisconsinites uniting in defense of their livelihoods in the face of a state bill that would strip bargaining rights of organized pubic sector workers, target their pensions and increase their healthcare costs.

Today's article by Ben Waxman, "Maintaining Status Quo a Victory for Nutter" begs readers to lighten up on Philadelphia's Mayor, Micheal Nutter, because he did the best he could by not laying-off police and firefighters in the face of the current 'recession'.

Today saw the second student walk out in a week by Philadelphia High School Students. Last Friday nearly 100 students at West Philadelphia High School walked out as a call for higher quality education and in protest to increased criminalization of students.

The Campaign for Working Families boost the number of people who receive free tax filing assistance and do not have to pay sky-high fees to commercial tax preparers.

January 20, 2011—After an autumn of unrest, university students and several of England’s largest labor unions plan more actions, including a national demonstration in both London and Manchester on January 29th to protest the government’s passage of a law to raise university tuition from

Food pantries across the Philadelphia region have seen rising demand and falling donations since the start of the recession. Philabundace, the region's largest food assistance organization, has had to expand its services to several suburban communities for the first time.

A toddler storytime program at the Norristown library is scaled back, just another consequence of government budgets cutting funding for educational and emergency services.

MMPTV tells the untold stories, news and analysis of poor and working people uniting across color lines to build a movement to end poverty.  In this episode, we look back at the fall of 2010. Despite these hard times, more and more of us are organizing.

On October 4th of this year, the City of Philadelphia released a memorandum aimed at stripping Fire Service Paramedics of their union representation under Local 22.

Real News Network, an independent media group providing original in depth journalism, just released a look at the capital of Pennsylvania and the municipal deb

After a tragic fire near 55th and Sansom took the life of a 12-year old named Frank Morasco,  neighbors and firefighters gathered for a vigil in front of his home to offer support to his family.

Last Thursday, the Coalition to Save the Libraries demonstrated in City Hall alongside AFSCME Local DC47, Firefighters Local 22, and over 50 friends and allies to demand that this budget crisis be paid for by the businesses that caused it, and not the poor and working people of Philadel

In this video by Huffington Post Investigative Fund, we learn the story Vicky Valentine who had her home seized by Sunrise Atlantic LLC, an arm of Bank Atlantic, because of an unpaid water bill of $362.  Ms Valentine's bill was owed to the City of Baltimore, which then sold the right to collect on the bill to a series of banks and real estate companies (third party investors) in a tax lien auction that quickly inflated the bill to over three thousand dollars. Investors then seized the home and put Ms Valentine and her family on the street. As the video details, this is a growing practice between strapped city governments and private investors (usually banks) which is dispossessing the poor and working class of their property.

With the Mayor's budget still under review Essential Services Coalition is leading a call for an alternative to the sugary drinks tax and trash fee. 


On the eve of Mayor Nutter's budget speech, Kristin Campbell, an organizer with the Coalition to Save the Libraries, has a piece in Organizing Upgrade that reminds us what the city has learned from last year’s successful fight to keep the Nutter administration from closing 11 libraries

In the beginning of Decemeber the Coalition to Save the Libraries celebrated its one year anniversary.

The issue here is not that there isn’t enough money.   The issue here is: who has the money, and who will be asked to pay?  We grow up being taught that we live in a representative democracy.  On the local level, every elected official has to build a base of support so that on election