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The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) today awarded MMP in the IAFF's 2012 Media Awards for Best Youtube Video. The award recognizes the short documentary on the City policy of closing fire companies on a rolling basis known as brownouts.

Meet Eileen Duffey, a Philadelphia public school nurse, an organizer, and a hero to many.  In this MMPTV update, we hear about the vital work of our school nurses, and all the ways they support our children, families and communities.  We also learn about the serious impacts of last yea

In the summer of 2010 the City of Philadelphia began a "rolling brownout" measure, in which local fire stations close for determined periods of time.

The School District of Philadelphia has “an estimated 70,000 empty seats in more than 280 structures.”*  Combined with a budget gap of more than $490 million, it looks like the district is gearing up to close several schools next year.

Renaissance 2010 was Chicago’s school turn around model, just as Imagine 2014 is ours here in Philadelphia. These processes are what our districts think are going to help us. But, will they really help? Will our voices be heard?  Will our thoughts be implemented into the system?