Today MMPTV takes you on the scene to a powerful demonstration in support of immigrants rights led by the Dream Activists of Pennsylvania outside the Montgomery County Correctional Facility.

In this MMPTV update we discuss the recent demonstration led by the Dream Activists of Pennsylvania.  The protest focused on the release of Miguel Orellana, a 25-year old Dream Act eligible student who has been held in York County Prison for over 7 months.

Yesterday afternoon, Fernanda and Cesar Marroquin, leaders of DreamActivist PA, were arrested at the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery, in a courageous stance against the unjust immigration policy enacted there and to demand full human rights for the people of Alabama and beyond.

“I entered the United States as an infant, made my mistakes as a juvenile and was punished for those mistakes as a young adult. And as I now embrace life as a reformed, working civilian and father, the actions of my past still haunt me with what my fate might be.”

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