MMP Updates

Media Mobilizing Project's montage tells the story of movement struggles and victories in the Philadelphia region. From the fight for public education to the ousting of PA Governor Tom Corbett, and the Black Lives Matter movement to the closing of casinos, this is the story of what we fought for in 2014.
Media Mobilizing Project is hiring a full-time Development Director to help design and execute a strategic fundraising plan across these funding areas, coordinate the logistics of fundraising activities. The Development Director will help diversify our income generating opportunities in order to sustain our organizing work over the long term.

In honor of Halloween, we want to hear your Comcast horror story! Did your bill make your blood boil? Does Comcast’s attempt to merge with competitor Time Warner Cable send chills down your spine? Tell us now, and on Halloween day we’ll share snippets from the top-10 scariest Comcast stories we see.