10 Years of MMP

November 2015
Dear Friend,
It’s our birthday!
For 10 years, Media Mobilizing Project has focused on making media to bring together and amplify a movement for social and economic justice. For 10 years we have dedicated ourselves to understanding and connecting struggles around poverty, public education, immigration, youth organizing, healthcare,
voting rights, climate change, fair wages, the right to a union and many related issues. We have trained community members and organizers to become media makers — and we have trained media makers to
become builders of justice. We have begun to really understand our mission and really understand how movements begin with the telling of untold stories.
Today we hope you’ll give us a birthday gift.
Some of our most exciting work right now is about winning a fair franchise agreement with media-giant Comcast, based in Philadelphia. The franchise deal isn’t quite done, but we have already won faster broadband speeds and more affordable access to the internet for seniors and low-income families. Comcast makes $8 billion a year in profits and 35% of Philadelphians still don’t have internet access at home. Can you give a gift today to help us close the digital divide? Your contribution will help MMP keep fighting to make sure that everyone can access the internet which is so central to our public life.
We are engaged every day in a fight for quality public education for all kids. In Philadelphia, the powers that be continue to privatize education and turn schools over to for-profit companies without great track records. We say no — schools are not to make a profit — schools are where kids learn and where communities come together. We are organizing parents, teachers and students to link up and fight for strong schools in strong communities. Can you give a birthday gift to help us fight for community schools?
We’re also so excited to announce that with support from the National Endowment for the Arts and gifts from individual supporters like you, we have finished a documentary film series Groundwork: Justice in the Birthplace of America. Check out the website groundworkfilm.com for shorts featuring leaders from the project. Can you donate today so we can keep making innovative media that unites people from so many backgrounds on so many issues?
Celebrate with us by giving a gift today so we can head into the next 10 years stronger than ever.
With hope & gratitude,
the staff, board, media makers, volunteers, partners & communities of Media Mobilizing Project


p.s. Stay tuned for a premiere of Groundwork: Justice in the Birthplace of America early in 2016. Give a gift today so we can share it with folks around the country!