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Are you a storyteller who believes in taking a stand with poor and oppressed people? Have you experienced the effects of a media system that misrepresents your community and the issues you care about? Do you want to make media WITH movements for economic, racial and environmental justice, and help build positive alternatives to our current administration’s agenda of hate? If you said yes, you should apply to be a 2017 Movement Media Fellow with Media Mobilizing Project.

The stories we tell each other and share on social media have the power to shape elections, policy, and our world. Now more than ever, our movements need skilled media makers who can craft powerful narratives for our side. When we make our own media, we can reframe issues, counter stereotypes, get people out on the streets, and gain new supporters. But hashtags and Facebook posts alone won’t build the power we need to change the world. How can media makers most effectively work with organized communities to create change? The Movement Media Fellows program is for people who want to answer that question together.

For 10 years Media Mobilizing Project has innovated in organizing both online and offline, through media narratives as well as face-to-face relationship building. We’ve learned that our media is most effective when it’s closely connected to movement organizations building for the long haul, and that movement media makers are most effective when they are embedded in sustained organizing strategies, and have ongoing relationships to the communities whose stories they tell.

The Movement Media Fellows program is a hands-on learning experience in our practice of Media Organizing. Participants will build skills in video production and communications strategy for movement building. Participants will work collaboratively with MMP organizers and local community groups to craft stories and implement distribution strategies for a series of video and social media projects.

Training topics will include:

  • Narrative strategy and storytelling techniques
  • Activist media production
  • Basic and intermediate videography
  • Basic and intermediate video editing in Final Cut Pro X
  • Interviewing skills
  • Social media strategies and best practices

Time commitment and availability requirements
The Movement Media Fellows Program will begin with weekend-long orientation workshop in early April, and will include a one-day weekend workshop in early May. Program hours are flexible to accommodate different schedules, but the program requires an average time commitment of 5-7 hours per week between early April and late June 2017. Participants should expect to attend one meeting or workshop a week.

Who should apply?
We are looking for people with some experience as a media maker or communicator, but formal education is not required. We are also looking for people who have experience participating in community organizing, or a strong desire to get involved. Fellows should be able to work well as part of a team, and should respect and empower the stories of the individuals, organizations, and struggles they produce media with. People of color, working class people, and LGBTQ people are strongly encouraged to apply. Fellows should be able to attend regular meetings in Philadelphia.

Apply below or click here to open the application in a new window.


Watch productions from the 2016 Movement Media Fellows Program

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