Apply to be a Movement Media Fellow with MMP

The Media Mobilizing Project is seeking applicants for our first annual Movement Media Fellowship Program. Are you a media maker who believes in taking a stand for poor and working people? Have you felt the effects of a media system skewed towards the interests of the rich and powerful? Do you want to use your skills to make it possible for communities who are fighting for our rights – rights to healthcare, housing, education, dignified work, a good life – to communicate with each other and the world?

Apply to become a 2014 MMP Movement Media Fellow, and work with us to produce the spring season of Media Mobilizing Project TV. MMPTV is a news and talk show that tells the stories of local communities organizing to win our human rights and build a movement to end poverty. Media fellows will work collaboratively with community leaders and organizations to craft stories, conduct research on current day events and issues, produce video field reports, prepare guests for interviews, and co-produce the studio portion of our show. Each media fellow will work as part of a team with MMP media makers to co-produce two MMPTV episodes between February and June, 2014.

The Movement Media Fellows Program will begin with an introductory intensive workshop the weekend of January 24 – 26, and fellows will attend a handful of evening workshops throughout the spring. Program hours are flexible to accommodate different schedules, but the program requires an average time commitment of 3-5 hours per week between late January and mid June, 2014.

Who should apply?


MMP works with media makers from a wide range of backgrounds and skill levels. For media fellows, basic experience with video production, journalism or communications is necessary, but formal education in these skills is not a requirement. We are looking for people who can work well as part of a team, and who are excited to bring their creativity and their whole selves to the production process. Above all, we are looking for people who respect and empower the stories of the people, organizations, and struggles they produce media with.


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