How the Film “Our Side: The other Atlantic City” Explicates African American Culture Within Atlantic City

By Christine Adams The play “Growing up in the other Atlantic City: Wash’s and the Northside” reflects the culture of the Black community in Atlantic City in the past that also still makes relevant connections with Atlantic City today. The film captures the essence of what it is like to be an African American living […]

The Importance of the History of Atlantic City Examined Through “Our Side: The other Atlantic City”

By Alexis Cintron Working with the Media Mobilizing Project (MMP) has given me an idea about how this organization has impacted Atlantic City and other communities. Atlantic City is known for the casinos and the fast life. The old motto before “Do AC” was “Welcome to Atlantic City, always turned on.” I never really understood […]


When Hannah Sassaman first heard that the city of Philadelphia was looking to use artificial intelligence to help judges determine whether someone accused of a crime should be released before trial, she didn’t know much about it or similar efforts underway in cities and states nationwide. But after years of working directly with communities of […]

The Significance of Storytelling and Identity as Examined Through “Our Side: The other Atlantic City”

  By Meghan Casper Some may argue that being “colorblind” in terms of race in our society is ideal, claiming that it eliminates the possibility of racism because we will all be totally equal. This logic, however, is very flawed and can end up being a form of racism itself. The colorblind mentality is far from […]

Philadelphia Magazine: Without Net Neutrality, We Can’t Trust Comcast to Do What’s Right

In this article, MMP Policy Director, Hannah Sassaman writes about the fight to save net neutrality. She about the communities that protested in December 2017 before FCC’s vote to eliminate net neutrality, and the ongoing fight to reverse the elimination of net neutrality rules. Read the full article here: Without Net Neutrality, We Can’t Trust […]

Alex Wiles on the Importance of Net Neutrality

On December 15, 2017, long time MMP Media Maker Alex Wiles spoke outside the F.C.C. about the importance of net neutrality just before the F.C.C. voted to repeal net neutrality protections. Alex Wiles on the Fight for Net Neutrality Media Mobilizing Project and hundreds of our friends across the movement were in Washington D.C. yesterday to […]