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MMP is a resource hub for movements across the Philadelphia region because we know that we are all stronger when we work together. We provide this support regardless of our grant funding, because so many organizations rely on us, and because the work needs to be done. By making an annual contribution, your organization can become part of MMP’s Movement Amplifier program and help support the capacity and expertise MMP makes available to local movements 365 days a year.

Here’s what local movements rely on us for:

We innovate in communications and amplify work at the grassroots across issues

We provide social media coverage that amplifies the campaigns, issues, and events of local movements. We’re building an engaged audience online through Philly We Rise, which reaches tens of thousands of locals who care about progressive politics across issues.

We build skills in media, communications, and technology for organizers
Our Media Institutes build skills for members and leaders of community organizations. We offer Media Institutes  2-3 times a year and trainings are free for Movement Amplifiers.

We give consultations and support to our allies
We share our expertise on press engagement, media production, tech for small budget organizations, and many other topics. Hit us up for advice if you haven’t already.

We lend equipment for rallies and events and share our space for meetings
We lend out sound systems for events, as well as projectors and interpretation equipment, and we lend our office out for meetings when possible. (We can fit 20 people for a meeting)

Your Organization can become a Movement Amplifier

Over more than a decade, MMP has made an organizational investment in the success of countless campaigns and community organizations. When you become a Movement Amplifier, you are pooling resources that make it possible for grassroots campaigns across our region to be heard.

• $300 a year can help replace a speaker system that breaks down after heavy use
• $600 a year can cover logistics for a Media Institute for local organizers
• $1500 a year can help pay a coordinator to engage volunteer media makers to cover dozens of grassroots campaigns and events

Our suggested contribution is based on 0.02% of your organization’s annual budget

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