Allison Erdneka Budschalow

A mama of color in constant pursuit of a just world that thrives of, by, and for the whole community, Allison is constantly looking for ways that organizers, activists, and change agents–especially those from low-income and communities of color–can make it on the long road to justice. One aspect that she currently focuses on is how grassroots fundraising supports radical organizing and base building, and she brings theory into practice as a member of MMP’s Grassroots Fundraising Committee. She is rooted in Philly with her partner, two babes and a dog.


Amendu Evans

Amendu has served as a member of MMP’s Executive Committee and MMP’s Labor Committee, a site organizer for the MMP and Logan CDC Carlton Simmons Technology Keyspot Computer Center, and the coordinator of MMP’s Labor Justice Radio. A hip-hop artist, stand-up comic, lifetime resident of Philadelphia, fighter for the rights of all people, father and grandfather, Amendu is also an SEIU 32BJ member and shop steward representing maintenance workers.


Audra Traynham

Audra is an SEIU 32BJ union member, leader and organizer; a mother and grandmother; and a long-time member of MMP. Audra has been a member of the Labor Committee and a co-host on MMPTV. She was also Site Organizer for MMP and the SEIU Healthcare PA Keyspot Computer Center.


Chris Willis


Fred Pinguel

Now the Coordinator of the Cross City Campaign for School Reform, Fred was a Philadelphia Student Union (PSU) member in high school, working to secure adequate funding and avoid privatization in Philadelphia public schools. Through this work he came to believe in the collective power of youth and after graduating from college joined PSU as an organizer to put his energy and skills toward the improvement of Philadelphia. Fred was a member of the MMP Leadership Council in 2010 and 2011 and has consulted on, designed and led a wide range of curricula, studies and workshops with MMP as well as with many other organizations locally and around the country.


Jamila Medley

Jamila is a Brooklyn, NY native who for nearly 20 years has been dedicated to work focused on program development and project management in nonprofit organizations. Since 2012, she has expanded her network by working in Philadelphia’s vibrant co-op community building and introducing new systems and processes for strategic business planning, developing pathways to more democratic workplaces, and helping to build cross-sector alliances. Jamila is wrapping up a graduate program in organizational dynamics and serves on the board of the Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance. She’s also a mom of two and lives with her husband and toddler in the Wynnfield neighborhood of West Philly.


Koby Murphy


Regina Austin

Regina is the William A. Schnader Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania and Director of the Penn Program on Documentaries and the Law. In addition to courses on basic accident law and intentional torts as a response to cultural conflict, she teaches Law and Documentary Media and a seminar on visual legal advocacy that involves her students in the production of short videos about social justice issues like deed fraud, expanding recreational spaces for city kids, and the impact of urban casinos on African-American problem gambling. Professor Austin’s research primarily deals with economic discrimination, minority legal feminism, and law-genre nonfiction films. She is a graduate of the University of Rochester and University of Pennsylvania Law School (cum laude, Order of the Coif) and serves on the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations and the board of Scribe Video Center.


Mica Root

Mica is an MMP co-founder and former Education/Executive Director. Over the past eight years, including four as a staff person, she has played lead roles in developing MMP’s network(s), community-building strategies and organizational infrastructure. Currently working on a number of writing and community-wellness projects (of which one of the most fun is this), Mica is a firm believer that every day should involve both dancing and delicious food. Prior to MMP, Mica worked as a travel guidebook writer and editor and in the national administration of the American Friends Service Committee’s immigrant rights initiative, Project Voice. She grew up in New York City, received a BA in English from Harvard University, and has lived in Philadelphia since 2002.


Sam Reed


Shivaani Selvaraj – Board Secretary

Shivaani is an MMP co-founder and consults with Penn State University faculty on innovative uses of technology. For nearly two decades, she has been using storytelling and media production as a vehicle to connect and cohere communities struggling for what they need and to surface some of the most pressing issues we face. In the past she has curated performances and screenings by people of color artists, produced multi-media projects, documented human rights violations in the United States, and organized individuals and organizations to engage in a battle of images to end poverty. Shivaani continues to deepen her understanding of media, technology, and social change as a doctoral student in Adult Education. She brings fun, flair, and laughter to her collaborative work.


Todd Wolfson – Board President

Todd is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Journalism and Media Studies at Rutgers University, an MMP co-founder and former chair of the Executive Committee, and a father to Sebastian and Woody the Dog. Trained as a socio-cultural anthropologist, Todd studies the convergence of new media, globalization and social movements and is currently finishing a manuscript entitled Cyber Left: Indymedia and the Making of 21st Century Struggle. Prior to his post at Rutgers and his work with MMP, Todd helped found a graduate employee union campaign at the University of Pennsylvania, and prior to that lived in sub-Saharan Africa for three years.


Willie Colon – Board Treasurer

Willie is a freelance writer and editor who lives in the Philadelphia suburbs, and a former Site Organizer for MMP and Casa Monarca’s Keyspot Computer Center. In addition to his experience working for a variety of newspapers, trade publications, and nonprofits, Willie has a background in community organizing that he gained from many years of work with the Community Leadership Institute (CLI) in North Philadelphia. During his years as president of the board at CLI, he worked with residents to successfully challenge the City of Philadelphia’s abuse of eminent domain laws. His favorite quote comes from author and activist Arundhati Roy: “Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”