Building MMP as a People-Powered Organization

MMP recently released the latest season of our TV show, The Spark: Stories that Change Our Times which features 6 episodes of everyday people who are leading the way to winning our human rights. The show is based on the idea that when we share our stories, we build our power. Please help us continue to grow The Spark and our people-power, sustainability, and independence by donating or becoming a sustainer today.
On the same day that we launched The Spark, 300 supporters gathered at MMP’s 5th Annual Sustainer Celebration to mark the anniversary of our commitment to grassroots fundraising as our most valuable and politically important resource. As we continue to make movement media that tells the untold stories of our times, we are committed to building our sustainability and independence.
In that spirit, we are so excited to announce that MMP’s sustainer program has been featured in the latest issue of the Grassroots Fundraising Journal in an article written by Kristin Campbell and Allison Budschalow called, “Building People-Powered Organizations Through Sustainership.” The article explains how we see sustainers as nodes in a network of investment that will continue to resource our mission for years to come. It also tells the story of how we built our grassroots fundraising program.
Don’t miss us at the Money for Our Movements Conference in Baltimore, MD this coming August. We’ll be leading a workshop on the same topic — People-Powered Organizations: Building Successful Monthly Sustainer Programs on Sunday, August 3rd from 10:45am – 12:15pm. The aim of our session is to have participants walk away with tangible skills as well as a strategic vision of the model of sustainership and grassroots fundraising in building the kinds of power we need to win.