Candidate Forums for May 19th Primary

Tuesday, May 19th, marks a major primary election for Philadelphians, with city residents nominating Democratic and Republican candidates for Mayor and a number of City Council seats. Statewide Pennsylvanians are choosing an unprecedented three nominees for the PA Supreme Court.
MMP has followed the campaign trail, documenting candidate forums to help Philadelphians and Pennsylvanians make their decision at the polls. There is a lot at stake, so get informed. Find here video footage from Mayor and City Council Candidates at the Working Families Candidate Forum on March 7th. Also watch the Neighborhood Networks Judges Forum for the Supreme Court of PA on April 8th.
Learn more about the election from the Committee of Seventy.

Mayoral Candidates:

Restorative Justice: 2:57
Tony Williams: 5:22
Nelson Diaz: 7:35
Doug Oliver: 10:15
Jim Kenney: 12:46
Taming Corporate Power in Politics: 15:28
Jim Kenney: 22:10
Doug Oliver: 24:18
Tony Williams: 26:28
Nelson Diaz: 29:40
PA Working Families Director Kati Sipp: 35:01


City Council Candidates:

Jobs with Dignity: 8:10
Helen Gym: 13:32
Sherrie Cohen: 16:39
Tom Wyatt: 19:17
Isaiah Thomas: 21:39
Education: 24:40
Isaiah Thomas: 38:12
Sherrie Cohen: 40:28
Helen Gym: 42:47
Tom Wyatt: 45:40
Wilson Goode: 47:42
Blondell Reynolds Brown: 49:20
Housing As A Human Right: 52:00
Isaiah Thomas: 57:14
Blondell Reynolds Brown: 59:18
Tom Wyatt: 1:01:06
Wilson Goode: 1:01:50
Helen Gym: 1:04:05
Sherrie Cohen: 1:06:34
Restorative Justice: 1:09:29
Sherrie Cohen: 1:19:38
Blondell Reynolds Brown: 1:22:21
Isaiah Thomas: 1:24:43
Helen Gym: 1:27:44
Tom Wyatt: 1:30:31
Wilson Goode: 1:32:32
Corporate Power in Politics: 1:35:15
Blondell Reynolds Brown 1:43:10
Wilson Goode: 1:44:13
Helen Gym: 1:45:42
Sherrie Cohen: 1:48:38
Tom Wyatt: 1:51:07
PA Working Families Director Kati Sipp 1:53:21


Supreme Court of PA Candidates: