Statement on the election of Donald Trump

The early days of President-elect Trump’s transition have already made clear that the racism, bigotry and misogyny that fueled his campaign will continue into his administration. The vast majority of Americans suffered mightily through the economic crisis of the past decade.  That suffering, tied with growing and unchecked white supremacy in our country, created the […]

MMP Leaders Featured on AJ+ for DNC in Philly

During the Democratic National Convention in Philly MMP’s very own Bryan Mercer and Amber Marie-Felton featured across two pieces for AJ+. First Bryan took viewers on a social justice tour of Philadelphia, stopping at places in the center of issues like environmental and economic justice. Then, Amber joined AJ+ hosts as a People’s Pundit, sharing […]

Community Schools: Defining Community Control

Community control: It’s about having a say in what happens. It’s about pulling resources to uplift us all. It’s about each of our culture and history. It’s about making the best for the children. And it’s everyone’s right. Defining Community Control Community control: It’s about having a say in what happens. It’s about pulling resources to […]

Up With Community! Stadium Stompers Organize for Black North Philly

Up With the Community!

The Stadium Stompers are making powerful moves to stop Temple University from building a 35,000 seat stadium in North Philly, and to preserve and honor the neighborhood’s Black community. This video was produced by MMP’s Movement Media Fellows program. Shoutout to Elías Gonzalez Sheila Quintana Maddie Taterka Alex Wiles and Josh Graupy for their amazing […]

Verizon needs to finish the job in Philadelphia

Verizon needs to finish the job in Philadelphia. Verizon wants to get off the hook for connecting Philadelphia with FiOS service. These bad business practices have left Verizon workers with no choice but to strike for the last two months. Let’s hold them accountable. Verizon needs to finish the job in PhiladelphiaVerizon wants to get […]