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  • Pitney Village

    By Diana Sanders Pitney Village was named after its founder Jonathan Pitney in October 1938, but these homes were specified for poor whites only. Then it became a refuge for low income families, elderly and disabled veterans in need of affordable housing. Due to the cocaine epidemic, the media has noted these projects to be […]

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  • Miss Black America

    By Brianna Holder “The scars and stains of racism are still deeply embedded in the American society.” – John Lewis. Today, social media has made such an enormous impact when dealing with racism. Everyone seems to be feeling this impact; it makes one think about race in ways that they may not have thought about […]

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  • How the Film “Our Side: The other Atlantic City” Explicates African American Culture Within Atlantic City

    By Christine Adams The play “Growing up in the other Atlantic City: Wash’s and the Northside” reflects the culture of the Black community in Atlantic City in the past that also still makes relevant connections with Atlantic City today. The film captures the essence of what it is like to be an African American living […]

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  • Storytelling Family Values

    By Devon Dunns Storytelling is an important part of my family and who I am today as a person.  I decided to interview my Great-Uncle Ralph White, a retired 65-year-old residing in Rosenhayn, NJ. Uncle Ralph shared a great deal of information on my family history that I was unaware of. Some of my family […]

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  • Storytelling in Atlantic City

    By Ayanna Lee
 Storytelling in the black community is so important because it brings awareness to their 
experiences. In the film “Our Side: the Other Atlantic City,” Travis Love focuses on the history of Atlantic City before and
 after the casinos moved into Atlantic City. To make room for the casinos, housing communities 
that black […]