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  • Storytelling in Atlantic City

      By Ayanna Lee
 Storytelling in the black community is so important because it brings awareness to their 
experiences. In the film ‘Our Side’, Travis Love focuses on the history of Atlantic City before and
 after the casinos moved into Atlantic City. To make room for the casinos, housing communities 
that black people lived in […]

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  • Black Lives

    Pushed out to the other side of the pier because they weren’t aesthetic to the eye of tourists in a newly built casino, Missouri Avenue is a historical landmark. Missouri Avenue also known as Chicken Bone Beach is a historical mark for African American people in Atlantic City. After writing my first blog post, I […]

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  • Black Stories in a White Narrative

      Story-telling has always been a means by which minorities, specifically black minorities, have kept their culture and history alive even while under constant attack. The black community, specifically the ones from Atlantic City, have had to see their community erased from history both metaphorically and literally. Story-telling gives a voice to marginalized groups of […]