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For almost 5 years, a broad group of community members impacted by pretrial incarceration, high bails, over-policing, and racial disparities in courts and prosecution has come together to close jails and end the use of money bail and pretrial incarceration in Philadelphia.  That coalition, the #No215Jail Coalition, has been a part of decarcerating our jails by 40% since 2015, building an independent community advisory board over decarceration plans in the city, building powerful organizing and consensus against the implementation of risk assessment into pretrial decision-making and sentencing in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, organizing in City Council to pass resolutions against the use of money bail and pretrial incarceration in Philadelphia, and working with both the District Attorney’s office and the Defender Association to unwind mass incarceration. 

After important initial steps that have led to a first wave of decarceration in Philadelphia, the #No215Jail Coalition, working with the Philadelphia Bail Fund and Philadelphia Community Bail Fund, are trying to expand our base of community members who want to end money bail and massively reduce pretrial incarceration in Philadelphia. We’re putting together a community forum on MLK Day – January 20th, 2020 – that will focus on telling stories of community members impacted by violence and impacted by pretrial incarceration, and will push our elected representatives to move far further on important initial steps to reduce pretrial incarceration, in order to reduce harm in our communities. 

We are immediately hiring a part-time contractor to support this forum: 

Community Hearing Coordinator

The Community Hearing Coordinator will assist #No215Jail and Bail Fund members working to coordinate logistics for a high attendance community forum/hearing featuring communities impacted by violence and mass incarceration, and elected officials and decision-makers.

Recommended experience and qualifications:

  • Event planning and logistics with experience in the planning and follow through necessary to host events with hundreds of people
  • Group facilitation, coordination, and project planning skills to help ensure broad participation in our coalition in planning and executing the forum
  • An understanding and commitment to ending money bail and massively reducing pretrial incarceration in Philadelphia
  • A high capacity to work across many organizations and individuals with varying experiences and from varying communities

Compensation and time period:

This position is a contracted temporary position that will require about 10-15 hours a week and will be compensated at $30 an hour through January 30th, 2019. 

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