Community Schools Ambassadors

The Community Schools Ambassador Program comes out of years of work with the Philadelphia Coalition Advocating for Public School’s Community Schools Taskforce. With the unveiling of 9 Community Schools in the 2016-17 school year, the Community Schools Taskforce hopes this program will highlight the importance of Community Engagement and Decision-Making as Philadelphia makes the move towards Community Schools.

The program is designed to build the leadership of parents, students, community members, principals, teachers, and other school staff who are involved in district public schools.

Participants gain the leaderships skills to build:

  • Opportunities for challenging, culturally relevant and hands-on academic learning in and beyond the classroom that are available before, during and after school
  • Positive discipline and behavior programs that promote healthier school climate and safety
  • School based health and wellness services for students, families and community members
  • GED programs, work placement, and career training programs
  • School based resources that help families in need to access benefits for food, housing, childcare and utilities
  • Supports for families of English Language Learners
  • A place where young people, families and neighbors can connect and enjoy programs together beyond the school day and on weekends, and work together to build a stronger and healthier community