Continued Untold Stories of Philly Public Schools

In the summer of 2014, the Media Mobilizing Project began reaching out to parents across Philadelphia in search of powerful untold stories. We hoped to get a sense of how families have been affected by the education budget cuts in recent years, and why so many continue to support our public neighborhood schools that are so often negatively portrayed. We have been inspired by the enthusiasm of these passionate parents as they share their concerns, praises, and dreams for our city’s schools and our young people.


Ieshia Brumfield, SAC President | General George G. Meade School, North Philadelphia:

Keith Kemp, James G. Blaine Home & School Assocation Meeting, Strawberry Mansion:
“Once upon a time I was late coming home from work. I didn’t know exactly how late I would be in picking up my son. But due to the personnel of the school I was able to feel better about being late, because they were willing to stay and wait beyond their time. And due to their kindness I feel a need to pass it on. That is being kind to others.”

Marguerite Kane, John B. Kelly School, Northwest Regional Meeting:

tumblr_nnzsfxtoq81u8k59io1_1280_3Sandra Ford, Library Project Volunteer | James G. Blaine School, Strawberry Mansion:
tumblr_nnzsfxtoq81u8k59io2_1280_4“After retiring from the SDP (School District of Philadelphia) in June 2014, I find myself volunteering for a project at Blaine School, which many, may have viewed as impossible! I refer to it as the ‘Library Project.’ Thirty years of my teaching career was spent at the Blaine School. For the past fifteen years, the room designated for the library was being used as a storage area for books. The Library Project began in the fall of School Year 2014-15. I observed a Grandparent volunteer arranging and organizing the many books that were in disarray. I volunteered to help Ms. Baker (grandparent) with this massive project. She was very grateful! For several weeks, she and I worked together organizing and arranging books. Since then, I, have continued the Library Project, finding myself at Blaine 2-3 days per week, volunteering 3-4 hours each day, weeding outdated books, categorizing books by genre, theme and/or subject. From time to time, several people have volunteered to devote time to the project.  It is my goal for the children and staff to be able to once again utilize the library as a catalyst for literacy and reading throughout the school, in classrooms and in the home. The day I observed Grade 2 students actually selecting and borrowing books, I knew then that the Library Project was making a difference! Though the project is still in progress, books can now be circulated once again. Currently, teacher teams are deciding what is the best system to track borrowing and returning books.  Blaine has acquired furniture for the library from a recently closed neighboring school, and has upgraded the library with technology. Completing the Library Project will bring an additional resource for the students and staff at Blaine.”

Naqiyb Lee, Director of Programs and Farm Manager at the Blaine School Strawberry Mansion Environmental Learning Center | James G. Blaine School, Strawberry Mansion:


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