Essential Services Coalition Puts Forward Another Plan for the City Budget

With the Mayor’s budget still under review Essential Services Coalition is leading a call for an alternative to the sugary drinks tax and trash fee. 


Their proposal is to roll back tax breaks for businesses. The gross receipts portion of the business privilege tax was changed in 1996, favoring businesses and decreasing revenue in the city during a time of economic growth. To roll the tax back to 1996 levels would generate $75 million a year. Essential Services says this would close the budget gap, and not cost residents more for trash, soda, or small businesses. 


Thirty members of the Essential Services Coalition brought their proposal directly to the City Council on Thursday. Council members Sanchez and Green are already studying a similar proposal for changes to the business privilege tax, but their plan is on a smaller scale. 


Essential Services Coalition plans to continue their efforts, by working with community organizations, labor, and small businesses. To read their plan for a just budget, visit here.      

Photo: Zack Hershman