CAP Comcast & Fair Franchises

The CAP Comcast campaign is a corporate accountability project that has focused on securing a variety of demands from the Comcast Corporation, the largest media company in the world, as it negotiated a 15-year franchise agreement with its headquarters city of Philadelphia. This franchise agreement, which gives the company permission to use public “rights-of-way” to operate its cable system and deliver cable service, expired in 2015. Thanks to the work of Media Mobilizing Project, in collaboration with a diverse coalition of activists, residents, policymakers, media producers and public sector practitioners – the franchise renewal agreement that was officially signed in December of 2015 delivered historic and unprecedented benefits to the city of Philadelphia. Fundamentally, the CAP Comcast campaign was central to ensuring that the franchise agreement expanded affordable and free Internet access, increased customer service commitments, and provided more substantive protections for cable and Internet workers, among other benefits.