Movement Media Fellows

The Movement Media Fellows Program is a hands-on learning experience in MMP’s practice of Media Organizing. Participants work collaboratively over several months with MMP organizers and local community groups to create and distribute a series of video and social media projects. Participants also build skills in video production and communications strategy for movement building.

We are not currently accepting applications for the fellows program. Sign up here to get updates on our next round of the Movement Media Fellows Program.

2017 Movement Media Fellows Productions

Mama’s Bail Out Day – The Story

 Our City our Water: Atlantic City’s Thirst for Justice

PhillySUN Vignettes


2016 Movement Media Fellows Productions

movement media fellows group


Defining Community Control

Community control: It’s about having a say in what happens. It’s about pulling resources to uplift us all. It’s about our culture and history. It’s about making the best for the children. And it’s everyone’s right.


Up With Community!

The Stadium Stompers are making powerful moves to stop Temple University from building a 35,000 seat stadium in North Philly, and to preserve and honor the neighborhood’s Black community.


Camden – Who Gets the Money?

Eighteen companies are getting $1.2 billion in tax discounts to operate in Camden, New Jersey. Why is so much public money going to so few? And what can we do about it?


2014 Movement Media Fellows Productions

Movement Media Fellows 2014 group


Introducing THE SPARK: Stories that Change Our Times


Everybody Has a Healthcare Story

Everyone gets sick, but not everyone can access healthcare when they need it. The Affordable Care Act has expanded access, but millions are still left out, and most people with insurance still struggle to afford the care they need. In Pennsylvania and in states across the country, a growing movement is demanding that healthcare become a human right that’s accessible for every person. What will it take to make this happen? Three leaders on the front lines of this struggle share their insights and experiences.


What We Want From PA’s Next Governor

What will it take to make PA’s next governor listen to US? Watch how your neighbors are making their voices heard. This year Pennsylvanians will choose our state’s next governor. Our current Governor, Republican Tom Corbett has been met with staggeringly low approval ratings and continued dissatisfaction amongst voters, particularly for his policies on education. Voters in Philadelphia will weigh in on an important local ballot initiative to extend a living wage to all city contractors.


Philly Wins an end to ICE Hold Policy

Every day about a thousand people are deported from the United States and the government spends billions to imprison and deport undocumented immigrants. Rather than being pushed into the shadows, immigrant communities are organizing. Watch this episode to learn about recent victories and ongoing campaigns to ensure that the rights of every person in Pennsylvania are respected.


We Have the Power to Change our Schools

Everybody knows that the Philadelphia Public School District is in crisis.  But few have heard the stories of how parents, students, and teachers are working to revive our neighborhood schools. Neighborhood schools play a vital role in building up safe, strong, and healthy communities for ALL residents of Philadelphia. However, more and more in our communities neighborhood schools are being undervalued. What will it take to make quality education a human right for every person?


It’s not just Firemen, it’s Workers in General

As our economy changes, workers are finding new ways to build power for regular people. When a growing number of jobs today pay wages that barely allow survival, how are workers reimagining and reinvigorating a labor movement that can secure human rights for all? This episode of The Spark is a conversation between a day laborer, a taxi driver and a fast food worker, all of whom are organizing for rights in industries where there is limited or no protection against exploitative labor practices. They are also workers in the fastest growing sectors of industry, yet these jobs are mostly low wage, informal and temporary.


Media Monopolies and the New Gilded Age

Comcast is one of Philadelphia’s richest corporations, and holds a near monopoly on Internet and Cable access. They pay little in taxes, fight workers’ rights, and charge us too much for communications services we need. Communities across the city, and across the country, are demanding that Comcast do more to support public services including education, make sure our communications are affordable, and promote Internet access.