Fighting for the Right to a Day’s Work

In the parking lot of a Home Depot in Northeast Philly, day laborers gather to wait hopefully for folks who might contract them to do various jobs. The work is hard and the wages are low. But it’s difficult to find stable employment, and these unreliable day to day jobs are often the only means they have to put food on the table for their families.

The Home Depot’s new management is now calling the police on them to try to force them away from the area and away from work. While the store claims that they are only enforcing company policy, these undocumented worker’s rights are being violated. One member of the Philadelphia Workers Association highlights the injustice: “It hurts me when they spit in our face as if we are criminals, we are not. We are working people trying to put food on the table, it does not make us criminals.” Feeling their rights trampled upon, these brave men have organized.

You can find them on Facebook at The Philadelphia Workers Association, and in this video, standing up for their rights.