Announcing MMP’s 2017 Movement Media Fellows

Media Mobilizing Project is excited to welcome 14 new fellows to our family. The Movement Media Fellows program trains movement storytellers in the Philadelphia region to tell powerful, effective stories about communities coming together to create change. Over the next several months, fellows will partner with local grassroots organizations to produce video and multimedia projects about critical campaigns for criminal justice reform, immigrant rights, and education justice. Past fellows play key roles in growing MMP’s movement media infrastructure, as well as leading and supporting various organizing campaigns in our region.

Andrea Mack

I graduated from Temple University with a B.A. in film and media arts. For the past 4 years I have been working in the field of adult education and workforce development in Washington DC. I am originally from SW Philadelphia and excited to be back in Philly and involved in the Movement Media Fellowship because I want to create community centered media. I am a self-proclaimed foodologist because I love everything about food. I am also determined to learn how to skate backwards and learn Spanish.

Brianna Golphin

I’m a QPOC whom has volunteered for various LGBTQ and POC community causes as well as starting a QPOC Happy Hour that promotes sex positivity.  My hobbies include traveling, exploring new music, and arts and crafts.

Felicia Blow

Felicia Blow is a proud North Carolina native. After studying Sociology and Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Asheville, she has worked in non-profits for LGBTQ advocacy doing community organizing and communications. Wanting to bridge her social justice background with her passion for creativity, storytelling, and connection, she decided to pivot her focus to media and is excited to join the Movement Media Fellows program to build her skills in media organizing.

James Macon Grant

James, originally from Baltimore, just moved to Philadelphia from West Texas.  As an avid gaymer, James’ imagination has always been sparked by the immersive storytelling capability of video games.  This has led him into various studies into voiceover, sound design, and programming.

Jamie Blair

Born and raised in Pittsburgh and now living in South Philly, Jamie has a lot of state pride while also knowing borders are political BS. Her movement family is Put People First! PA, a statewide membership-based organization fighting for health and dignity for all, where she is the co-coordinator of the Media & Communications team. Jamie works construction and likes to cruise around on her bike and watch Sixers games.

Jeanette Cuevas

I am interested in exploring the spaces and processes where our communities take root and grow. The experiences of my immigrant community in Gainesville, GA, organizing at Project South in Atlanta, and moving to Philly teach me how to struggle and survive this political moment, lessons that shout #BLACKLIVESMATTER across lines. As a fellow at MMP, I want to become a better writer and story teller to support a media movement in Philly that responds to our needs and connects the personal and political stories we share across borders.

Kaltoum Alibrahimi

I’m currently a Sociology/Anthropology major with a visual arts minor. Photography has become the most important tool for me to not only show people what I see, but understand–for myself–what I see. In this climate that is constantly changing and constantly pushing a peoples’ to the margins, I believe it’s always important to not only say something and do something, but to “capture something” as well.

Maryam Elarbi

Maryam Elarbi is an activist, writer, and photographer with a professional background working in the non-profit sector (specializing in media and marketing & communications). Off the clock, she can be found explaining why everything is problematic, and urging anyone who will listen to dismantle the capitalist white-supremacist cis-hetero patriarchy – the root of all social ill. Maryam graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 2015, with a major in International Studies and a minor in History. She is an ENFP.

Molly Bolick

Molly Bolick is a folklorist who has documented and presented community-based arts and cultural practices across Pennsylvania. She is driven by the exploration of place through everyday aesthetics: the things we see, hear, and feel in a community. Molly has a Master’s degree in Folklore from Western Kentucky University and is from the Anthracite Coal Region of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Natasha Cohen-Carroll

Natasha is a photographer and documentary filmmaker whose work focuses on culture, social change, and community history. Past projects have included collaborations with various local organizations, such as The Center for Returning Citizens, Asian Arts Initiative, and the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. She is also the co-director of Mustard Seed, a South Asian film festival that focuses on socially engaged films made by South Asian artists.

Ras Cutlass Mashramani

Ras Cutlass Mashramani is a founding member of the around-the-way sci-fi collective Metropolarity and a 2016 Leeway Art & Change Grantee. In a parallel universe, Ras Cutlass is a social worker.

Sanjay Jolly

Sanjay is a graduate student studying media activism and media policy. For a couple years he ran the policy shop at the Prometheus Radio Project, advocating for community radio stations. Since starting in radio as a college deejay, he has worked on a variety of media activism projects in the US, Guatemala, and Ecuador.

Stephanie Cao

My name is Stephanie Cao, a sophomore at Temple University studying Advertising, hopefully with an Art Direction track. I was previously a nursing major, however, because of my work at an organization called VietLead, I discovered that my passion revolves around creativity: whether it be through graphic designing, photography, or filming. I have a personality type of an ISFJ, which means I think with my feelings and this also influences the way I create content. I enjoy creating videos of my experiences because I refuse to allow all the cherished memories I’ve made along the way be forgotten. I want people who view my videos to experience the same sincerity and love that I’ve felt while capturing every footage I take. I look forward to working in the Movement Media Fellows program because I want to develop my skills in video production and because I want to learn from the mentors on how to initiate change in the community through creating videos using the stories people tell us.

Wren Albertson-Rogers

Wren is a photographer, videographer, and roast chicken connoisseur based in West Philadelphia. He aspires to make really visually-stunning films that completely convince folks to stop being so racist, sexist, homo/transphobic, and exploitative.

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