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Apply to be a Movement Media Fellow with the Media Mobilizing Project

Are you a storyteller who believes in taking a stand for poor and working people? Have you experienced the effects of a media system that discriminates and misrepresents your community and the issues you care about? Do you want to make media WITH movements for economic, racial and environmental justice, and use your skills to help us win? If you said yes, you should apply to be a 2016 Movement Media Fellow with Media Mobilizing Project.

In the age of #Occupy and #Blacklivesmatter, media is a crucial part of our movements. When we make our own media, we can reframe issues, counter stereotypes, get people out on the streets, and gain new supporters. But hashtags and YouTube videos alone won’t build the power we need to change the world. How can movement media makers be effective agents of change today? The Movement Media Fellows program is for people who want to answer that question together.

For 10 years Media Mobilizing Project has innovated in organizing both online and offline, through media narratives as well as face-to-face relationship building. We’ve learned that our media is most effective when it’s closely connected to movement organizations building for the long haul, and that movement media makers are most effective when they have ongoing relationships to the communities whose stories they tell.

The Movement Media Fellows program is a hands-on learning experience in our practice of Media Organizing. Participants will work collaboratively with MMP organizers and local community groups to craft stories and implement distribution strategies for a series of video and social media projects. Participants will build skills in video production and post-production and communications strategy for movement building. Participants will produce media covering topics that include the 2016 elections, organizing for public schools, and the movement for Black lives.


Time commitment and availability requirements

Applications are due February 15th

The Movement Media Fellows Program will begin with weekend-long orientation workshop in late March, and will include a one-day weekend workshop in late April. Program hours are flexible to accommodate different schedules, but the program requires an average time commitment of 5-7 hours per week between late March and Mid June 2016.

Who should apply?

MMP works with people from a wide range of backgrounds and skill levels. For media fellows, basic experience with video production, journalism, or communications is necessary, but formal education in these skills is not a requirement. We are looking for people who can work well as part of a team, and who are excited to bring their creativity and their whole selves to the production process. Above all, we are looking for people who respect and empower the stories of the individuals, organizations, and struggles they produce media with. Women, people of color, working class and queer people are encouraged to apply.

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