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First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting Media Mobilizing Project. You make our work possible and we’re so glad you are part of our community.


Soon we’ll know the results of the 2016 presidential election. No matter who wins on November 8th, those with the most money will still have the most access to democracy in our country, and we have a lot of work to do together for everyday people to really win.

Please give today so that MMP can keep telling the stories of everyday people — which are the foundation of real democracy. We are at a critical moment, with struggles being waged over the priorities of our economy, for racial justice and for climate justice, at the ballot box and beyond. MMP’s staff, board, organizers, sustainers and donors are working to create strategic media and build winning campaigns across each of these movements in Philadelphia and South Jersey.

At MMP we believe that the answers to our most pressing problems come from the people most affected. When we listen to those answers, and tell our stories to each other and the world, our movements grow stronger. At MMP we make long-term investments in strengthening and connecting grassroots struggles, whether it’s by building campaign coalitions, training movement storytellers, or amplifying community voices.

Download a copy for freeWe’ve learned a lot over the last 10 years, and we want to share it with you. Get your copy of MMP’s 10-year Anniversary report to dig deeper on our theory of change and the work your contributions make possible.  Give your gift today and request a copy of the print edition — or download a free PDF.

Celebrating a Big Win: With your support we won free wi-fi at every Rec. Center in Philadelphia and secured millions in public interest investment from Philly’s largest company. Three years ago MMP launched our CAP Comcast Campaign to improve access to affordable Internet and win investment in our public schools during a once-in-a-decade negotiation for Comcast to keep their monopoly as Philadelphia’s cable provider. We were underdogs, but working with City Council and a broad coalition of community groups, we got a big victory for Philadelphia. We won the expansion of affordable Internet for low-income families and seniors, the establishment of a Digital Inclusion Alliance Fund dedicated to closing the digital divide, and free Wi-Fi in municipal buildings. Please invest today so we can hold Comcast accountable to its agreements and help other cities get the same great deal.  

img_8915Building Unity Across School Communities: Schools are one of the few public  institutions left in our neighborhoods and they are under attack. Real community decision-making power is the starting point to making sure every child has the quality education they deserve. We’ve been working with parents to transform their school communities and take leadership over a central part of their families’ lives. Along with other education rights groups, we have been fighting the anti-democratic School Reform Commission (SRC), and lifting up the role of students, parents and teachers. We’ve found that through deep listening and leadership development, school communities can build real decision-making authority at their schools.

MMP is in the Garden State: In New Jersey, if a story isn’t big enough to make it to Philadelphia or New York media outlets, it often doesn’t get covered. That’s why MMP is putting down roots in South Jersey. In Camden, Fortune 500 companies are getting hundred of millions of dollars in tax breaks to move into town, but most local residents had no say in the decision and will not benefit. In Atlantic City, a proposed state takeover and widespread closings in the casino industry are uprooting communities and leaving local residents out of the process. We’re building relationships with local organizers and telling their untold stories. Our newest media collaborations at take on these important issues and lift up community voices.  

With the elections this fall, none of us can sit on the sidelines. Please contribute to MMP to build working class power.  We’re asking you to give today because you share in our vision and you share in the joy of our victories. From now through Election Day we all need to organize for the change we want to see up and down the ballot. And the day after, we’ll all continue with the important work of building democracy in every aspect of our lives.

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