Media Mobilizing Project works with movements to communicate and organize to win. We amplify the voices of communities fighting for justice, equity and human rights. Through media production, training and advocacy, we build relationships of solidarity and mutual support. As partners and collaborators, we work with people at the grassroots to take up strategic organizing campaigns that fill gaps, shift power relations, and have the potential to activate large-scale social movements.




Over the course of a decade, Media Mobilizing Project developed a powerful approach to media organizing, learning from our many experiments and gaining wisdom from the countless stories of social movement success we have helped to tell. On the occasion of our 10th Anniversary, we offered this overview and reflection in the spirit of sharing some lessons learned and with hope that together we can create even more powerful stories of movement-building success over the next decade. Check out our 10-year report here:

Media Mobilizing Project participates in a number of movement alliances and networks that reflect our mission and vision. Most notably: