MMP’s 5th Annual Sustainer Celebration

We’re gearing up for MMP's 5th Annual Sustainer Celebration. We launched a monthly sustainer program in 2010 because we understood that in order to sustain this vital movement media organization, we need to build a base of grassroots donors who believe in the role of media and communications in building the power of our movements. 
Our grassroots fundraising model taps into our greatest resource: people’s commitment to a more just society. MMP members have shown that commitment by coming together, identifying our common story, and building community by investing in our movement. We built our sustainer program from the ground up, bringing on 300 people who make small, monthly contributions. We’ve had sustainers sign-on from every corner of our work. 
Grassroots fundraising at MMP is rooted in three principles: people-power, sustainability, and independence. These are the principles that cut across every aspect of our organizing and media-making and are also the key principles we infuse in our grassroots fundraising. Our Sustainer Program is where these principles come to life. It’s inspired by spiritual traditions where people give consistently to something that has such a meaningful impact in their lives.
Sustainership is the place where everyone who has ever been touched by our work can pitch in and keep it going, at whatever level matches their ability to give – from $5 to $100 a month. And everywhere in between. Sustainership is how we ensure that we are a people-powered, sustainable, and independent movement organization. 
We want to mark our 5th Annual Sustainer Celebration as an anniversary of our commitment to grassroots fundraising as the most valuable and politically important income MMP has.
Please help us continue to grow our people-power, sustainability, and independence by becoming an MMP Sustainer today and coming out to the party on May 2nd