More than a Media Training: The Spring Media Institute

Starting Friday evening, April 19th, community leaders from around the region gathered for the Spring 2013 Media Institute. At the Institute we came together to learn media skills and strategy to deepen our organizing and movement building work. Over the course of the weekend we looked at examples from MMP's recent #UnderAttack: Public Sector Media Project, past video collaborations with groups like the Philadelphia Student Union, how to use new technologies like social media, cell phones, and SMS text messaging to connect with our members and connect across struggles.

With these examples and tools participants learned about how to create media that unifies in the face of media that divides. As one participant from MMP's sister organization Put People First! PA reflected,
"I thought I would leave the Media and Communications Institute with some new practical skills and e-mail addresses, but instead I regained a sense of my own power. From spending three days in a room with others who are struggling, I remembered that allies I haven't found yet are really out there. From studying together about the profound global crisis we face of unequally distributed resources, I remembered that we really do have the potential to end it. From studying the lies that people in power tell to justify their own greed and pit us against each other, I remembered that learning to trust one another is the first step. We can start by making our versions – the real versions – of our struggles heard."
– Emili Feigelson, PPF-PA Media and Communications Working Group
Thanks to all the organizations that took part in the weekend for bringing such thoughtfulness and experience to the weekend.