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  • Up With Community! Stadium Stompers Organize for Black North Philly

    Up With the Community!

    The Stadium Stompers are making powerful moves to stop Temple University from building a 35,000 seat stadium in North Philly, and to preserve and honor the neighborhood’s Black community. This video was produced by MMP’s Movement Media Fellows program. Shoutout to Elías Gonzalez Sheila Quintana Maddie Taterka Alex Wiles and Josh Graupy for their amazing […]

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  • Help Take GROUNDWORK on the Road!

    We need your help to visit at least 20 cities and towns on a summer tour. Grassroots organizers, potential organizers, and members of the extended community working on different issues need to see this film and they need to see it together. That’s what Groundwork is all about — how our struggles are interconnected and how we can stand up together.