Philly Vs. Comcast: Rally and Speakout against Comcast on Monday!

The CAP Comcast campaign is entering its next phase with a rally at the Comcast Center. September 15th is the last day that people nationwide can file comments about net neutrality to the Federal Communications Commission. Philadelphians, alongside thousands across the country, will protest to protect the open internet and stop companies like Comcast that would rather protect their bottom-line over our communications rights.

Comcast’s control over our communications and our city allows them to raise rates, not pay taxes that could help our city budget, buy political influence, and treat customers with disdain. Comcast’s proposed merger with Time Warner Cable Inc., its largest competitor, will allow them to control even more of the ways in which we connect and communicate. Their public track record suggests that this merger is not in the interest of Philadelphia or communities across our country.

The rally starts at 12:30 pm by the Comcast Center (1701 JFK Boulevard, Center City Philadelphia) on Monday, September 15th. Come out and visit the rally’s Facebook Page to commit your support and check out for more information on the campaign.

Tell Comcast to Pay Its Fair Share from Media Mobilizing Project TV on Vimeo.