Statement: On Police Brutality and the District Attorney’s Race

Yesterday morning, the Daily News reported that police officers Mitchell Farrell and Kevin Harvey, who riddled college student and delivery driver Philipe Holland with crippling bullets, are back on street duty, having never missed a paycheck or suffered any reprimand deeper than suspension.


Reporter Mensah Dean also noted, “There have been more than 430 officer-involved shootings between 2007 and 2016. The District Attorney’s Office has never charged any on-duty officers involved, according to the Police Department’s website.”


The Philadelphia Coalition for a Just District Attorney has asked every candidate – at our recent forum, in questionnaires, and in ongoing candidate interviews – multiple questions about holding police accountable for their violence against our communities – including:


– whether or not they would appoint an independent prosecutor to investigate shootings involving police officers,


– whether or not they would commit to expanding prosecution of police accused of abusing our civil and human rights,


– and what steps would candidates take internally to end stop and frisk, police brutality, and other abuses of police authority.


The coalition hopes that the next district attorney will prosecute police who commit crimes with impunity against our communities.  Learn more about the #DecarcerateDA campaign at