Voices from Our Public Schools



In the summer of 2014, the Media Mobilizing Project began reaching out to parents across Philadelphia in search of powerful untold stories. We hoped to get a sense of how families have been affected by the education budget cuts and efforts to close or privatize our public schools. We wanted to find out why so many people continue to support our public neighborhood schools that are so often negatively portrayed, and how school communities are working together to strengthen their schools in spite of limited resources.

We were inspired by the enthusiasm of passionate parents, students, teachers, community organizations and community members as they share their concerns, praises, and dreams for our city’s schools and young people.

Voices from Our Public Schools was created to amplify these stories and to invite many others to contribute stories from public school communities across Philadelphia and beyond.  In addition to highlighting the breadth of stories and people who care about public schools, our hope is that this can also serve as a resource for individual neighborhood public school communities seeking to:

  • Promote events, programs, partnerships and opportunities to for people to get more involved in the school community.
  • Strengthen connections within school communities and with surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Advocate for more and equitable funding for public schools, combat efforts to close schools or turn them over to private operators, and promote a vision for public education that is centered on meeting the needs of the whole child and the communities in which they live.

Media Mobilizing Project is also a proud member of the Philadelphia Coalition Advocating for Public Schools Steering Committee and the Community Schools Task Force.

This project was made possible with support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation as well as Media Mobilizing Project’s growing base of grassroots donors.