Put People First! PA – Watch the Video, Get Involved!

Put People First! PA is launching Organizing Committees to bring people together across Pennsylvania to change the conditions that keep our families from having quality healthcare, jobs with a living wage, and decent housing, and all of our human rights met. As communities across the state struggle, Put People First! PA knows that we have to work with each other to build a force in our state that will Put People First.

Watch the video from our sister organization PPF-PA, and connect with them on Facebook or by calling (570)-483-8813. You can help spread the word to your friends and family to let them know that we can Put People First in Pennsylvania. Here is how:

  1. Post on your Facebook wall. Adding a message about why you got involved will give your friends a personal reason to watch. Include suggestions for how to connect to PPF-PA, such as, "Ask me about Put People First" or "email putpeoplefirstpa@gmail.com to find out about committees in your area."
  2. Post on a friend's Facebook wall or send it by e-mail, inviting them to come to a meeting.
  3. Tweet it with this simple link.