Seven years of telling the untold stories

Nearly seven years ago Media Mobilizing Project began with the vision of knitting together the stories of those working to build a movement to end poverty. We saw all around us people taking up the lead and organizing to end unemployment and abuse of workers’ rights; homelessness, lack of healthcare, and privatization of public education.

We also saw that media and communications served a key role in breaking down the isolation and barriers between these fronts of struggle, so that together we could be a force much stronger. We knew that telling our untold stories was the beginning to the movement that could change things for the better for all of us.
Seven years later we are so proud of what we’ve all built so far as a movement.  Groups we’ve partnered with for years – like the hard working drivers of the United Taxi Workers Alliance – have won bargaining power for their basic rights, and have become a recognized union of the AFL-CIO. Hundreds of poor and working people – from immigrants in Philadelphia to families in West Virginia to Head Start parents – people who had rarely touched video cameras or computers before – produced stories that helped them win power, and policies for change.
We have also learned how much farther we need to go – people are struggling across our home city of Philadelphia and across the country more than ever – from the continued budget cuts of public services like fire stations, to the struggle for basic communications access in an era of corporate consolidation, to the threat of closing dozen of public schools, we have hard work to do to unite our communities.
All along the way we have had the privilege of doing this work with a wide network of groups and people. And together we have learned that building a movement in the 21st century is a whole new task. We must experiment and take risks.
Today we are starting another experiment. We stepped back, worked long and hard, and redesigned our website from the ground up to better tell your story and our stories as we come together to build a movement to end poverty. We are excited for this next step, and the many more to come in the year 2013. We are excited to take these steps with you.
On this new site we hope you will find an easier way to hear and share with us the untold stories that are a part of this growing movement. We have brought together our network of blog pages along with the coverage and updates from MMPTV, Radio Unidad, Labor Justice Radio, along with News & Analysis in to one feed on a new Our Stories page. We’ve made it easier to get connected to our work through a new Trainings and Centers page. You can find out what media and communications services we offer to support organizations in their struggles on the Hire Us page. And you can learn more about the leaders that have developed through this work on our Who We Are page.
As we thought through how to connect better with you all online we were able to take a look back at the past seven years – the victories, the challenges, and the leaders who made them possible. Over the next few weeks and into the new year, we will be bringing you a series of retrospectives on the moments and struggles that have helped define this movement so far.
Over the next few months, the site will continue to grow, with more contributions from people like you and more ways to connect online with important efforts like the transportation rights organizing of the Fight for Drivers License group, the next steps in our work for Media Rights and Access, and the statewide efforts organizing of Put People First Pennsylvania.
Take your time, look around. Send us feedback on our contact page or reach out to contribute with your own story. And as always, our most powerful organizing is made possible by you, take a moment to donate right now online.
In the spirit of togetherness,
Media Mobilizing Project