Statement on Trump’s FCC Chair Plan to Dismantle Open Internet


“When Chairman Pai threatens to undo the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality rules, we should be clear about what he is saying. He is saying that poor people, especially from communities of color, don’t deserve unfettered access to the Internet, and the work, health, education, and movement building that can provide. He is saying the right of Internet companies and big telecoms to profit off of our need to communicate is sacrosanct, but our speech, intimate relationships and freedom are not.


When he and his fellow corporate shills in Congress and in the White House buck the confirmed, bipartisan view of millions to say Congress should pass yet another law “protecting” unfettered speech online, what he is really saying is that he wants Congress to protect big telecoms’ right to privatize one of our last, shining public goods – our voices joined together to explore each others’ minds and hearts, to try to build the society we deserve. There is little uglier than such a callous discard of that basic human right.


Poor and working people in cities like Philadelphia – in the shadow of our hometown juggernaut Comcast, amidst great poverty and great hope, will never stop fighting for net neutrality, and the other basic protections that provide us with the right both to speak, and to be heard.”


– Hannah Sassaman, Policy Director
Media Mobilizing Project