We Need Competition! Philly Comcast Consumers Speak Out

It’s a new year, and with Comcast’s franchise agreement with Philadelphia set to expire, we’re asking hard questions about Comcast’s responsibility to its customers and its hometown in a time of economic crisis. Comcast is coming under far greater national scrutiny as it racks up count after count of disrespect to its customers, as it […]

Philly Vs. Comcast: Rally and Speakout against Comcast on Monday!

September 15th is the last day that people nationwide can file comments about net neutrality to the Federal Communications Commission. Philadelphians, alongside thousands across the country will protest to protect the open internet and stop companies like Comcast that would rather protect their bottom-line over our communications rights.

Telling Comcast to Pay Their Fair Share

In April, Media Mobilizing Project launched the CAP Comcast Campaign — focused on helping everyday Philadelphians secure what we need from Comcast and the City while they negotiate their next franchise, allowing Comcast to sell cable services in Philly for another 15 years.  We’ve heard from literally thousands of Philadelphians who want affordable rates for […]