Telling Comcast to Pay Their Fair Share

In April, Media Mobilizing Project launched the CAP Comcast Campaign — focused on helping everyday Philadelphians secure what we need from Comcast and the City while they negotiate their next franchise, allowing Comcast to sell cable services in Philly for another 15 years.  We’ve heard from literally thousands of Philadelphians who want affordable rates for their service, universal access for poor and working people, and for Comcast to respect workers’ rights and pay their fair share.
Everyday Philadelphians stood up for their Comcast-related needs and to stop Comcast’s high prices and poor service from spreading when over 100 of them showed up to protest Comcast’s proposed merger with Time Warner Cable at Comcast’s annual shareholders’ meeting.  One South Philadelphia native was paying almost $300 a month.  Audra Traynham, a union janitor and longtime MMP leader, was told she couldn’t get Comcast’s discount Internet Essentials service without turning off her full-price service for over 2 months.  With our organizing that day, alongside powerful local and national groups, we put Comcast on the defensive around their local service and national merger plans.
MMP delved deeper into Comcast with our episode of The Spark:  Stories That Change Our Times, called Comcast: Pay Your Fair Share.  With in-depth interviews with local families burned by Comcast’s policies, and conversations with local and national policymakers with visions for an affordable, accountable, competitive telecom future, this episode is a great way to ground your understanding of how Comcast impacts our city and community.
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