The Fight for Drivers Licenses Takes Root

The Fight for Drivers Licenses is growing in counties across the state of Pennsylvania.  In Philadelphia, Harrisburg, West Chester, Chambersburg, Easton, Fight for Drivers License committees, representing hundreds of families, are organizing for the right to a drive.  Specifically, the Fight For Drivers Licenses is seeking support for HB1648, which would allow all Pennsylvanians a right to a drivers license, regardless of immigration status.  For so many, a drivers license is crucial for being able to secure other fundamental rights, such as the right to work and to education.
“We are here because a drivers license means so much to us.  A drivers license means a better future” -Rodrigo Ortiz, Fight For Drivers Licenses
The Fight for Drivers Licenses points toward a future where Pennsylvanians not only have the right to drive, but where all people live with dignity.
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