Verizon, Commit to Connect – FiOS in Every Philly Neighborhood NOW!

Verizon made us a promise to bring the choice of faster, stronger technology to Philadelphia and every one of its residents. But we know communities are being left out and offline as Verizon breaks it’s promise to Philly.

Can you go online now and see if FiOS is available at your address?  Let’s make sure City Council hears from consumers – not just from high-paid Verizon executives – on whether or not our city gets the access it was promised.  If you can’t access the service, we want to hear from you.

Here’s what you can do about the problem – in 5 minutes or less.

1. Visit

2. Click Check availability

3. Put in your address

4. Can’t get service? Sign the petition to City Council now to make sure Verizon doesn’t pass you by.

BACKGROUND: Seven years ago, as a part of a very beneficial franchise agreement between the City of Philadelphia and Verizon, Verizon was granted tax-free access to our homes and communities, to sell their profitable FiOS service.  In exchange for preferential access to our homes and businesses to sell their services, Verizon promised to wire and make available FiOS fiber TV, Internet and phone service to every resident in Philadelphia.

They promised that every home and business would have access to FiOS by February of 2015.  But in the past few years, Verizon halted the program and stopped build out in all but a handful of cities.  That left thousands of us with only one option for cable and high speed internet – Comcast – and thousands more with no access at all to the information superhighway.

TODAY: After thousands of people rose up to make sure the City’s new franchise deal with Comcast truly served our lowest income communities, and secured internet access for everyone in the poorest big city in the US, Verizon is now telling Philadelphia City Council that it’s living up to it’s promise to make the high speed fiber service available to every home in Philadelphia.

PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING:  But many of us still can’t get FiOS – no matter what the company says.  With the clock running down on that commitment, we want to know – can you get Verizon’s high speed FiOS service at your home or business, or did Verizon pass you by?