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Dear Friend,

Every day we see evidence that we must build a powerful movement for social change in this country. We see attacks on public education, full-time workers living in poverty, brutal policing in poor communities, families living without basic needs like water, and climate change that threatens our whole planet. 

"I spent the last year going to parks, schools, and rallies with a team of story collectors to talk with Philadelphians about the education crisis. In contrast with the narrative of "apathetic" students, "greedy" teachers, and "uninvolved" parents, we collected stories filled with passion for education, commitment to our young people, and hope for the future of our city."
 – Amber Felton

But we also see that our communities are fighting back and struggling to win a better future. At the Media Mobilizing Project, we are focused on making media to connect different struggles around education, immigration, poverty, healthcare, voting rights, climate change, and fair wages — and to grow and amplify this fight for justice. We are writing to ask for your support – please make a tax-deductible gift today to build this movement and tell our stories.

If we are going to struggle for the long haul and win, we need a multitude of leaders and storytellers and media makers. In 2014, we used contributions from donors like you to begin a new program, The Movement Media Fellows program, which trained 20 filmmakers and organizers to study and support struggles taking place in our city and state. The Fellows produced a 6-week TV talk-show called The Spark: Stories that Change Our Times

“As someone who grew up in NE Pennsylvania, it was important to me to tell a story about nurses fighting for-profit healthcare in the region I’m from. We’ve built new relationships while creating a video about how working people draw on their mining heritage to fight the current-day coal barons. To hear nurses involved say they’ve seen themselves and felt their power in new and different ways has been invaluable.”

-T.C. Owens

The show brought together leaders from struggles for public education, healthcare, labor, immigration and corporate accountability and highlighted the power in everyday people organizing for change. Graduates of the Fellows program are now Media Organizers who each work a specific beat on an issue in our region so we are sure to capture the stories of the struggle for justice. Your gift today will help continue the Fellows training program and the Media Organizers stipending program to grow a strong core of movement storytellers and media makers.

One of MMP’s media principles is that we must highlight both the plight and the fight of poor and working people in Philadelphia and around this nation. One “plight” that is very much in the public eye is that our public schools are struggling under the neglect and dismantling of public education. But MMP also found largely untold stories of the “fight” — parents, teachers, and students in every neighborhood raising their voices in protest and also working together to create solutions. Our videos Our Schools are Not for Sale and “Revival From the Roots” tell these stories. Through our Parent Storytelling and Organizing Project, we continue to interview and organize parents to fight for quality public education. 

“While producing The Spark, I filmed with Asian American youth at a BPSOS canvas in the 15th street subway station as part of the Philadelphia Coalition Advocating for Public Schools education voter launch. I was inspired by their energy and the way members mentored each other.”

-Zein Nakhoda

Part of our urgency today is that once every decade, Philadelphia negotiates a new franchise agreement with Comcast. That time is now. That’s why MMP started the Corporate Accountability Project: Comcast. Philadelphians struggle to afford cable and internet access while Comcast makes millions of dollars, provides terrible service, and doesn’t pay their fair share to our city. With your gift today, MMP can organize individuals and organizations across the city to testify in upcoming public hearings to win a fair franchise agreement. The CAP Comcast campaign is providing a model for cities around the country who are in the same fight. Be sure to stop by our website or Facebook page and sign the petition

“Working with the "CAP! Comcast" team allowed me to not only produce high-quality, professional videos, but also learn how to develop a successful campaign strategy and communicate that strategy with community organizers and media activists.” 

-Gino Canella

2015 will be an exciting year for MMP. Along with the CAP Comcast campaign, The National Endowment for the Arts has funded us to produce a 30-minute documentary called “The Plight and the Fight” that highlights 5 everyday people in Philadelphia telling their stories of lived injustice — and of empowerment, struggle, and movement building. The NEA funding will produce the documentary, but we want to raise additional funds to do 2 things — broadcast the film far and wide to reach a national audience and produce short organizing videos to help the everyday heroes featured in the film grow their fight. 

With MMP’s Media Fellows Program was I able to experience many empowering moments through simply connecting with the people around me. I learned that our combined voices are an incredible asset. -Alex Wiles 


Next year is also our 10th Anniversary — a gift from you today means that we’ll be able to celebrate 2015 with more media, with more communities, and with greater impact than ever before.

  • Your gift of $1,000 will pay to produce one of the Plight and the Fight organizing films.
  • Your gift of $500 will buy camera equipment so a Movement Media Organizer can cover a beat on education, fair wages, poverty or immigration all year.
  • Your gift of $250 will boost organizing for City Council hearings on the Comcast franchise agreement. 
  • Your gift of $100 will support a workshop in our Movement Media Fellows training program.
  • Your gift of $50 will support an afternoon of story-collecting in a neighborhood park.

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With hope and gratitude, 

Media Mobilizing Project

P.S. — Remember, each dollar raised during our year-end campaign will be matched up to $10,000! Give today.