We Need Competition! Philly Comcast Consumers Speak Out

It’s a new year, and with Comcast’s franchise agreement with Philadelphia set to expire, we’re asking hard questions about Comcast’s responsibility to its customers and its hometown in a time of economic crisis.
Comcast is coming under far greater national scrutiny as it racks up count after count of disrespect to its customers, as it wages a war against net neutrality, and as it works to merge with Time Warner Cable. Now, as they try to ink a new deal to sell cable in Philly for another 15 years, we are helping thousands of Philadelphians tell their stories and demand the changes they need from Comcast.

We’ve taken to our city’s two biggest daily papers to demand an end to Comcast’s awful treatment of Philadelphia and demand a fair franchise with the city that makes them pay into our deficit-plagued schools, allow for local competition, reform and expand their Internet programs for low-income families, support local innovation, and use their enormous profits to help this city instead of exploit it.

Our op-ed in the Daily News explains how the city’s largest company doesn’t pay its fair share, and the franchise process is featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer’s exploration of how consumers can work for fair treatment from Comcast.

We’ve been collecting hundreds of stories across the city, as communities start to engage in this once-in-a-generation franchise process. Late last year, we took to a Comcast customer service center in West Philadelphia to hear everyday local consumers talk about the rising rates, lack of options, and tiring amount of hoops they have to jump through to get basic Internet and cable service.

Check out a video of these customers below, and sign our petition to make Comcast pay their fair share!