Welcoming MMP’s New Co-Executive Directors

Dear family and friends,

When a small group of us started MMP nearly eight years ago, we knew this vision would require ever-growing numbers of increasingly powerful leaders. As the two of us now prepare to rotate off of MMP’s staff, we know that we are the leaders we are today because of this organization, and especially because of our work with all of you. It is for that reason that we are particularly excited to share with you the news that on July 1st, two other powerful leaders who have come up through MMP, Bryan Mercer and Rebekah Phillips, will take on the roles of MMP Co-Executive Directors and guide this work into its next phase.
We hope that you will join us in celebrating this transition by investing in sustaining and strengthening what we have all built together: the power and potential to build a movement to end poverty led by poor and working people.
We hope that you will give today to ensure MMP’s continued impact in fortifying struggles for justice in poor and working class communities; uniting these struggles through strategic media, education and network-building; growing sustainable people’s communications infrastructure locally, statewide and nationally – and building the visionary leaders and leadership our work and our world demand.
Bryan and Rebekah will become Co-Executive Directors as the two-year federal stimulus grant that has resourced MMP’s six public computer centers, trained hundreds of working people in digital literacy and communications – and made up 60% of our budget – comes to a close. They will meet this challenge with grit and grace, as each has consistently done since becoming part of MMP in 2008 and moving into staff roles the following year. Bryan has created the technology systems that form the backbone of MMP’s media and education, and organized MMP’s Digital Justice Coalition, which secured $20 million in stimulus funds to break Philadelphia’s digital divide. Rebekah has developed the new leaders and collectives who have produced many of MMP’s most effective media pieces, and built our signature television program, MMPTV.
This moment presents an opportunity for us to grow our energy and creativity in grassroots resource-raising. Thank you to the 600 of you who, like us, make monthly and yearly donations. Thank you to the hundreds more who give their time and energy. We need each other more than ever!
As we transition into new roles in MMP and the movement we are building, we want to thank you for all of these contributions. Thank you for your leadership, and the many ways in which you have developed and grounded both of ours. Your commitment and generosity is the most dynamic and reliable source of support we have.
With love,
Mica Root
Outgoing Education Director
Desi Burnette
Outgoing Strategic Coordinator

PS – Please donate today! Thank you!