What Olney Teachers Know About Education

On June 17th, more than 50 teachers, staff, and community supporters gathered to meet with ASPIRA CEO Alfredo Calderon and Board President Aracely Rosales. Unfortunately, Calderon and Rosales weren’t there. Staff and community held a theatrical meeting in front of the ASPIRA central offices, delivering an “End of the Year Evaluation for ASPIRA” to empty chairs bearing Calderon and Rosales’ nametags, in order to protest ASPIRA leaderships’ failure to respond to requests by staff to meet to discuss improvements at Olney.  Community supporters from around the city, included PCAPS, Fight for Philly, Philadelphia CLUW, and Media Mobilizing Project. 

Since this action, teachers and staff have continued to organize across the ASPIRA network to advocate for each other and their students.

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